The Moose in the Moon

sample rough draft sample

The Moose in the Moon

for untold millennium

the moose were happy on the moon

they were free to roam without predators

living on moon moss and small cheesy rocks

they had nothing to fear

except in mating season

when the males had to prove

who had the biggest antlers

after untold millennium

of basking in earth shine

they began to wonder

if there was more to life

the moon began to bore them

it was so small

they had roamed and combed its surface

there was no longer an abundance

of moon moss and cheesy rocks

the battles during breeding

had become limpid half-hearted events

soon there were only four moose left

on the whole of the moon

where once there had been millions

the forlorn moose looked to the earth

when the solar winds blew

the smell of water and pine

wafted to their nostrils

two of them longed for escape

while the other two

felt it was fated they should remain there

these two pairs argued endlessly

plotted revenge to teach the others

the error of its beliefs

they spent hours grunting at each other

glaring over moon rills

stomped so much dust

the sun was clouded over

the sun didn’t like to get moon dust in her eyes

she decided it was time to step in

so with a flare

she carried two of the moose to father earth

he could now take care of these creatures

on earth the two moose were overjoyed

they had new fields to run in

they began to multiply once more

they were safe till distrust came amongst them

when they were attacked by a cunning creature

that appeared as a robin to some

and a smelt to others

in fear they would bellow

to the moose in the moon

to return to where they were safe

mooseonce in a blue moose

Why moose? I’ve been asked and I can’t say exactly why. I came spontaneously as words began to flow. They do have an odd comic yet rather masculine dourness about them. They don’t appear as a power or spirit animal in native traditions. Tricksters are usually foxes, ravens or coyotes. So when they came to me I went with it.

I wanted to write a sort of teaching story with legendary resonance. Something that had the feel of a story handed down by oral tradition. In fact much of the Mythology has that feel to it, I hope. There is a piece about the ‘cunning creature’ that fools them.

elk which way is up

As I child I didn’t read much native mythology. I don’t recollect that ti was ever even talked about in any class I took. There was some about the Greek gods, some Norse mythology but even that was minimal. Not the sort of stuff one needed to know to become a successful accountant. In English classes imagination was fine but spelling and grammar were always more important.

moon moon fall

This is one of the series that was most influenced by the symbolic nature of mythology. This one sprung from the phrase the man in the moon – what if it were the moose in the moon? I loved the sonic play of moo but kept that to a minimum. There a few more pieces directly about the moose.

moon there’s no place like home

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