#sfStratagem (the beaux’)

One of the things I like about the Stratford Festival is their willingness & ability to stage period work by slightly, now, obscure playwrights. I’ve seen some wonderful productions that have pleasantly filled in my sense of the history of drama. It get easy to think Shakespeare or Racine were the only writers being performed in their time. But don’t ask me the difference between Restoration and Elizabethan drama.

purple purple toe stratagem

The Beaux’ Stratagem is a whole lot of fun regardless of its historical roots. Rollicking performances from Colm Feore, Lucy Peacock  and Martha Henry  held me from start to the all too soon finish. Mike Shara and Bethany Jillard were excellent & saucy as the almost star-crossed lovers. Gordon S. Millar as Scrub effortlessly stole every scene he had.

sky highway skyway from a moving car

George Farquhar plot explores, for me, the way people present one face to prospective partners while hiding the real, then become afraid to let down the false. Motived by avarice or lust or revenge each of the characters peeks out from behind their real self looking for something/someone more real. False expectations, in this play, fade when real expectations are revealed and gladly received. Human nature hasn’t changed much since 1705.

Witty dialogue, strong performances, and as always superb stage cract (constumes, lighting, sound) make this a very satisfying show I’d recommend to anyone.

accident oops – turn-off hold-up

The usually easy drive to Stratford was rocked by rain in the morning and then an over 90 min’s delay (starting at Guelph to Milton) returning, caused by a trailer akimbo two lanes at the highway 6 turn off. But the delays weren’t enough to dull the pleasure of the production.


August 28-31 – attending – FanExpo Canada http://www.fanexpocanada.com


October 10-12 – Gratitude Roundup http://www.torontogratitude.org


October 19 – feature – Cabaret Noir – Pinebow pineocthttps://www.facebook.com/events/1651892755035275/


This is the start of a new series – each piece prompted by one of the Buddhist 108 worldly sins



if it doesn’t hurt

it doesn’t matter

there was no bruise

so why are you wingeing

I didn’t mean to

that was a tap

if I slapped you

you’d really feel it

can’t you take it

it won’t hurt for long

no one will see it

it won’t leave a scar

you had it coming

I didn’t mean to leave a mark

I didn’t hit you that hard

I didn’t mean to hit you that hard

I didn’t mean to hit you

it means I care

if I didn’t care

I wouldn’t hurt you

you mean so much to me

no one else can put their hands on you

you were asking for it

what else could I do

you had to be taught a lesson

you won’t forget it the next time

it hurts me as much as it hurts you

maybe more

it wasn’t that deep

you shouldn’t have moved

you should have said sorry

it’ll look fine in the morning

it won’t need stitches

you didn’t want to go out anyway

stop your snivelling

I’ll give you something

to really cry about

I had no choice

you wouldn’t listen

I couldn’t help myself

I lost control

you made me lose control

you wanted to make me hurt you

no one needs to know about this

if you love me

you won’t tell anyone

pretend you fell down

it’s nothing

not even a bruise

I’ll never do that again

river03flow on but don’t over-flow

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