Les B.B.

Next up in my pop collectionare are two recordings by Les B.B.: BB, Snob. They are a late 80‘s PQ equivalent to Glass Tiger. Another of those bands helped by CanCon rules for radio & MuchMusic video play. In fact Quebec’s airplay rules were much stricter, as only a small percent of English was allowed on the air waves, thus their musicians got a greater opportunity to develop without competing with US rockers. There was a huge cover-song industry in the 60’s, 70’s of bands doing French versions of US hits. Les Aristos, anyone? More about those cover bands as I work though the shelves.

clubs duex

I used to visit Montreal regularly for a 12 Step conference in the 90’s, & began to collect this music there – starting with Lps, then cassettes & finally cd’s. Supposedly to improve my French. As I result I have a large French collection from Les Aristos to Brel to Piaf to Eric LaPointe.

diamonds diamants

There were two excellent spots in Montreal for a music lover. Le Marche (I think) that was acres of bins of used Lps, then cassettes, then CDs. I would spent hours flipping through those bins. There was also Archambault’s – with its vast stockpile of new music. I discovered there that Brigitte Bardot was, in the 60’s, a major pop force in France. More about her as I work though the shelves.

two carddeux encore

The BB’s have a standard issue sound for the time. That synth horn sound, propulsive drumming, harmonies, tender lyrics. A range of styles from radio friendly, a touch of blues, not much of that tiddly-tid folk that some PG bands get. Sweet & inoffensive.


Winner The backyard was covered with snow. A path from the back door to the composter had been used a few times but otherwise the snow was undisturbed. Not even the foot prints of birds or squirrels could be seen in it. A light rain had fallen before temperature dropped and so the snow had a shell. As Mike stepped on the shell he imagined he was crushing the skulls of those who had fallen under his heel – those he had conquered – white brain stuff escaped in small spurts as he tromped down hard. Crack crush crack crunch. “Take that.” He muttered. “Take that and that.” He jumped from where he stood over a low rise in the snow. Only he didn’t crack the surface when he landed. His feet slipped and he fell with a sullen thud on the snow. One elbow hit harder than the other. It stung. “Ouch.” He stomped with the heels of his boots as hard as he could. “I’ll teach you to toy with the Mighty Morpho.” The snow was at its lowest where he had landed and was more like a thick slab of ice than snow. His kicks didn’t dent it. Carefully he got to his feet and looked around to see if there were any laughing faces in anyone of the windows in the nearby houses. There was none. “Stay in your homes. You will be safe. I will protect you against the Ice Blizzard Wizard.” He took off one glove and fumbled in his parka pocket and pulled out the three Morpho cards he had. SeakZ2, Graphoka and Shelbab. “I call on the power of Shelbab to dispel the evil of Ice Blizzard Wizard.” He put the card on one corner and spun it on the ice. “We’ll see who the winner is today. Once and for all. I challenge you to this battle against the Mighty Morpho. Be prepared to face thy doom.” The card spun a few times and tipped to its back. The face of Shelbab flat and unchanged as the cold tried to hold it to the ice. Mike peeled the card away. “See you have no power here. I will be ruler of all I can see. All.” Mike stepped over to a thicker area and once again crushed the skulls of the defeated underfoot. Crack crush crack crunch. His boots like pistons merciless and through in stomping all resistance form those who would dare resist. “This is my planet now. I am glad to report to all we have been once again victorious.” He went back to the house to bring the glad tiding to his mother and perhaps get something in return. Cookies and a dvd to while away the rest of the long afternoon. cone

pinebow pine cone of silence

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