Throw That Beat in The Garbage Can

Now we come to one of my real favorites the B-52’s: stand alones are PartyMix/Mesopotamia; Time Capsule – on a mp3 collection is their first, Wild Planet, Bouncing Off The Satellites. Cosmic Thing is tucked away on another mp3 cd.

When I moved to TO in the late 70’s I remember reading about Rock Lobster in some gay magazine before I actually heard it. Shortly afterwards they were on Saturday Night Live & I was smitten by the look & the sound.

skyward the view from above

The lps, their cover art, even the protective sleeves were pitched at the perfect level of art and camp. The lyrics were always a scream – ‘what’s that on your head – A wig?’ They were danceable & clearly queer.

I could go on quoting lyrics that I wish I had written, If I was a rock band I’d be either the B-52’s or Bruce Springsteen. They both treasured the history of rock, used it in a modern way & made people want to dance.

redplane structurally sound

Love Shack, The Dead Beat Club – so much creativity out of one band. They burned out, I think, the music got less interesting as they mined that same sonic territory but they are still around & recording. I enjoyed the last few cds but not enough to keep them.

cabinwing span = arm span

Also on the mp3 cd are The Stowaways: In Our Time (real period pop that inspired the B-52’s); The Temptations: All Directions; Stevie Wonder: Where I’m Coming From; Hall & Oates: Private Eyes – another of my favorites thanks to the totally hot John Oates – his Spanish-Italian look always made me want more of him in their videos. Also another band pushed to superstardom thanks to MTV/MuchMusic.


November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2014 –


see you in December 🙂


Let’s Go To The Movies

“What time does it start?”


“We have time to get there. If we get a move on.”

“There’s another at 8.”

“Oh, it’s on more than one screen. Then if we miss the 7:30, we’ll be in time for the 8.”

“You sure you want to see this thing.”

“Yes. It was your idea after all. Why? Don’t you want to see it?”

“I haven’t heard anything good about it. Really.”

“So? We can make up our own minds about it. After all it’s only a movie.”

“Yeah but …”

“But what?”

“It more than just going to the show these days. It’s transportation. Ticket prices have jumped again. Pop corn. It adds up. Is it worth $60 to see this movie? That’s what I’m thinking.”

“$60!! That much?”

“When you add everything together.”

“Cripes with $60 we could go to a good restaurant and have a nice meal.”

“We could redesign the garden with that much money. Plus there’s the time it’s going to take to just get there and back. Even if we took the car we’d have to find a place to park it – add another $20 for that.”

“Last time we took the car someone scratched it. Remember.”

“Yep. Do we want to add another $400 to the ticket price for a paint job?”

“Why don’t we just Netflix something here?”

“Good idea. Maybe the show we wanted to see is already on Net.”

“You think?”

“Doesn’t hurt to check.”

“Right, we can order out. Chinese or Pizza?”

“Wait, we were skipping going out to save money. I’ll cook something. You go on line see what you can find.”

“I think we should look together.”

“I trust you.”

“Yeah, but I don’t trust myself. Comedy or horror?”

“I see what you mean.”

“At least the show downtown was one we both had some interest in seeing.”

“Some, but not enough to get us out of the house to see it.”

“Yeah. But why bother at all?”

“What do you mean.”

“There’s a new Game of Thrones on tonight. That’ll be as good as anything we might rent. And a new Walking Dead after that.”

“Great. We’ve saved even more money. If we keep this up, someday we can actually afford to go to a movie and not have to spend our mortgage money on it.”

“You are such a clown.”

“Thank you. You bring out the best in me.”

They sat in the living room. On the couch. Quiet. The TV in the corner opposite them. Quiet.

“I’ll get your coat.”

“Yes. We can make the 8 show for sure.”

“If we don’t there’s another at 8:15.”

“Must be pretty good to be on so many screens.”



“Lock the door?”

“Of course.”

“Look there’s a street car at the corner. If we rush we can make it.”

“Yes I think we can make it.”

“Is it worth running to the street car to see this movie?”

“You sure you want to see this thing.”

cbsky Cape Breton sky

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