‘tie you to my bed posts’

Nicki Ward (nickiward.com) has ably stepped into the spotlight as the new hostess for Plasticine Poetry. Change is good & Plasticine, already a fine series, becomes better as a result. The addition of Poem From The Hat (PFhat) is a fun idea for the open stagers – instead of reading a piece of your own you pick one from the hat to for a cold read.

bluepuff bluejay? no way

After a fine round of open-stagers (including myself) Kimberley Wilson (FaceBook) gave us a fun set. She clearly enjoys being on stage, had great chemistry with the audience but that didn’t detract at all from the work she read. Her short pieces dealing with relationships, food & travel were filled with playful, easy to savour images & emotions: ‘our voices float up to meet the light,’ ‘blood on snow with gravy,’ ‘let you smell the ocean in my hair,’ ‘you bought your ticket months ago in reparation for your good-bye.’

icestormI said iced coffee not iced branch

After the break James Wood (more here), who stepped in at the last minute, presented an excellent, strong set of pieces from a soon to be published work. I enjoyed Tool Box, with its subtly resonant images : tools that dropped into a toolbox ‘echo like earth shovelled into a pit’ reflected later in the piece with ‘my father’s words echo’ as that father is buried. Too many great lines to write down – ‘a day clear enough to see all the way to salvation.’

silversofa silver (couch) surfer

Now that Lizzie Violet (lizzieviolet.wordpress.com) has taken a step back from the many events she was involved with she’s had time to actually write and it shows in the new material she offered, not that the old is shabby by any means. Even her ‘happy’ writing echoes with the creak of a cemetery gate recently oiled with the blood of a loved one. Horror, silent movies & romance ooze through her work. ‘tearing your last kiss from my lips,’ ‘bodies hitting the ground before the blood leaves their veins,’ ‘tracking the scent of the one who broke my heart,’ ‘popsicles dripping on to our grass-stained knees,’ ‘using your two-toned tie to tie you to my bed posts.’


I read Nuncle John on the open stage, click the link if you want to check it out. It might show up at Pinebow. I had this piece in reserve but opted not to read it – another piece from the Buddhist maya series I’m working on.


you call that

a line in the sand

sanctions wtf?

as long as the blood spilt is yours

it don’t make any difference

to us

to our side

you don’t stand a chance

resistance is futile

twitter is pointless

it is ignored

because we want what we want

and were going to take  it

what the cameras don’t see

is worse than what they see

you call that a line in the sand

it’s nothing

because all the sand is our

it’s our sandbox

it’s our world

and we intend to keep it that way

to keep it purified of the likes of you

there isn’t anything you can do

you aren’t in the wrong

you aren’t in the right

you’re merely in the way

but not for much longer

dust to dust

as they say

and you are about to become dust

gate gateway to heck

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