O #Superman

One of my WordPress blog mates, Cassidy Frazee (her blog), recently posted a video of herself talking about transitioning male to female (the video). In her blog she writes extensively about her writing experience, how her daily life effects it & vice versa. Honest, direct, unapologetic and inspiring on many levels. Lots of samples of her w.o.p as well.

fish trout snout emergent

The response to the video was things like ‘you are so brave,’ ‘I wish I had the courage.’ My personal response was ‘it’s about time’ not that it was about courage. I always find it odd when people tell me similar things – not that I’m transitioning, mind you – but by merely being out.

spider you’ll never know my secret identity

My queer poetry is direct, often very sexual, romantic & funny. My childhood recollections are frank & funny too & often resonate with people. I don’t feel ‘brave’ when I present this material but I’ve been told many times how brave I am. I say ‘thanks’ rather than engage in what they think is so brave.

redflowers I’ve always wanted a flowery box

I suspect that there are too many people afraid to be themselves, regardless of what that self may be. Afraid to give voice to their opinions, experiences, desires, fears and the like. Maybe the bravery is in our willingness to speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves, whatever the reason.

But I’d rather people tell me I’m brave than that my writing is crap. I’m not brave enough to take that. 🙂


June 5-7 – attending – Capturing Fire – Washington DC



(2015 registration posted but details not posted yet. I’ve registered already 🙂 )


O Superman

I was a crappy student

given to fits of listlessness

my mind would wander

in nearly every class

in every grade I managed to squeak though

usually in the middle of the curve

where grades were concerned


but one year I won a couple of art prizes

for some colorful water colors

something I was proud of

one teacher was eager to point out

I wasn’t going to win any prizes

for my spelling though

other kids in the class

thought Charlie Sawchuck

should have won

with his amazing duplications

of Superman comics

that what I painted was a fluke

and not really that good anyway

not as good as Superman


Charlie was convinced

I’d only won

because the judges wanted

to be nice

not because was pictures were any good

that if I was proud

I was just being a show off

I was denied

by my peers

by my teachers

the opportunity to feel good

for having done something well

the paintings hung in the school


for a week or so

then we were given them to take home

I threw mine in the creek

watching them sink into the dirty water

and never tried again

resisted all opportunities

to become anything more than average

in the eyes of my peers and teachers

no attention was better

and easier to understand

than the debasing attention I got

for doing anything well

art highrise jumpin’ jive

One thought on “O #Superman

  1. I think it’s wonderful to know people like Cassidy and you, people who KNOW who they are and live authentic, out loud lives. I’m definitely one of those who has been slow getting to know the real me and am just now finding the courage (it takes courage to shine differently in what I see as an “assimilate or be outcast” society) to write / speak my truth. You both are inspirations to me to say the least.

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