#FanExpoCanada 2014 first day

Did things a little different for FanExpo this year. past years I’ve gotten down to the Convention Centre by 11:30 to be in the line up for the 2 pm opening. There is some line-up community atmosphere but the sun and standing makes that atmosphere less appealing as I get older. Last year I had portable stool – fine in line by a pain to tote around all day.

expoblog01 lights, my camera, no action

So I opted to arrived around 1:30 by which time they had start to let the line-ups in. In fact there was no premium pass line up by the time I arrived. Less to carry meant more space for shopping once I picked up my official t-shirt & premium pass swag bag. The swag isn’t as good at Bloody Words, but good enough. Loved the Star Wars lunch pail.

expoblog02 snow bite & various dwarves

The first day is my walk around, maybe pick up a few things – I’m on the hunt for American Vampire 4 & 6. Didn’t find either 😦 ‘Oh we left that at the shop’ doesn’t cut it. I made myself take more pictures – this year I would snap a Spiderman taking a piss, I was too shy last year. But I aim to avoid those, by now generic, cosplay snaps.

expoblog03lego batcycle

Crowd flow was good for the few hours I was there. Union Station is hell though – I’ll give it miss Friday by getting off at St. Andrew’s & walking down. On the way home I got into conversations with people about the official Expo bag I was now carrying.

Day Two I’ll go through Indie Alley, see what celebs I can catch signing autographs with my telephoto lens, plus lots of cosplayers everywhere shunning us shutter bugs (as if). I’ll have my eye open for those American Vampire books, drop by a ChiZine, hunt for some Tartan Asia that I haven’t seen.

More pics here


October 10-12 – attending – Gratitude Roundup http://www.torontogratitude.org


October 19 – feature – Cabaret Noir – Pinebow newpinehttps://www.facebook.com/events/1651892755035275/

November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2014 – http://nanowrimo.org


The Killer In The Morning


with a shout the killer awoke

from a dream

someone smothering him

a pillow over his face

he’d never use a pillow

or anything that hid the face

the best part of the kill

was in the eyes

that I can’t believe you are doing this

combined with the actual pain

as his hands crushed the wind pipe


hollow bones in his strong hands

he could crush an apple

the hardest granny smith

he’d hold it up so juice splashed his face

like a warm summer shower

cleaned and ready

the killer sat at his kitchen table

looked out at the sunny day

at people on their way to death

death at his hands

maybe not right now but soon

sooner than they expect

at least one of them would die today

he knew that

the knowledge armed him

gave him power

gave him a reason to live

to be there amongst them

each of them ripe for his desires

the headlines no longer cowed them

they had little fear

a killing a day

the papers screamed who will be next

the tv clatter box went on and on

flashed from his latest victim

to breakfast cereals

that would help you lose weight

ha he laughed to himself

I have a program

that’ll give you a permanent weight loss

don’t bother calling

I’ll find you today

it is a good day to die


the bat in the hat

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