#NaNoWriMo Wrestling With The Saint

Still doing this tag-team decision tussle with the two plots trying to pin me down for the month of November. I’ve written about plot #1– the older of the two but by no means the weaker.

construction warning: plot construction overhead

The other, for which I do have some of my original notes, has the working title of Isle St. Nuit. The basic, but not very simple plot, involves Jim, an art teacher from Halifax – mid-40’s, who has had a long-term, long-distant relationship with Chad, a film reviewer. They initially met a film festival several years earlier and meet three of four times a year at various film festive during the year in various cities.

tv not far from the tree

With me so far – a lot of back story right – anyway at a film fest in Montreal Chad ends things – he’s found someone younger etc. Jim is at loose ends suddenly. He meets Len – a black guy, for the next couple of days & nights they have a good time. On the 3rd day Jim goes to meet Len at Len’s hotel & Len isn’t there, there is no record of him every being there & the clerks deny even meeting Jim.

towel never throwing in the towel

Jim’s stay ends & he goes back to Halifax & tries to forget both guys. He’s been closeted in his life there. A clue in a travel magazine leads him to Isle St. Nuit in search of Len. There he gets caught up a volatile political situation; discovers that Len is actually a Catholic Cardinal. Add to this murder, a snake worshipping fertility cult, gay sex & there you have it. I told you it was far from simple.


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October 19 – feature – Cabaret Noir – Pinebow newpine

November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2014 – notebookhttp://nanowrimo.org


Children’s Skipping and Play Songs

of Isle St Nuit

mama kentu

she makes a list

mama kentu

she makes a list

makes a list

she holds tight

in her fist

in her fist

mama kentu

she makes a list

she take it to

the snake skin man

the snake skin man

and on the list

she writes

salt and pepper

salt and pepper

on the paper

salt and pepper

give me a candy

and all will fall

into the list

mama kentu

she makes a list


three little babies

left out in the rain

one had six legs

the other had pain

the third

was shed

to become the skin

of the next of kin

three little babies

left out in the rain


call me quick

call me trick

and the leaves will leave

and the rain will fall

take the time

to bring back my ball

we see the world

all in all

I will go to France

you will go home

because you  wet your pants

I will to heaven

and you will go to hell


you have no secrets to tell


1   2

we march and we flew

3   4

we found the key to open the door

5   6

the snake in the stick

7  8

he made us wait and wait

and when got back again

it was time for

9 and 10

9 and 10

fingers and toes

one to touch the sky

the other to touch his nose


father father

call us to your church

father father

let us learn to sing

mother mother

we know the Mary mild

we have the reach

we have the perch

high in the trees

where the dead children chirp

we know the way

we know the day

father father

call us to church


I have seen

we have seen

your mama and your papa

with the mambo snake

he was green

and he was slithery

and we were busy

in the kitchen

so he would go

to your house

eat you all up

faster than a mouse


the forest is wet

and we are pretty

we have no place to set

our feet

that isn’t dirty


the three red boys

bring the snake his joys

the little green bird

swings and sings

this the pail

and this is the brook

we all know the  skin

and we all feel the grin

as the joy goes up

and boys go down


chase chase

you can’t catch

face face

hide in a flash


skip a rope

find a slope

bring a stone

and start alone

jump and weave

time to leave

for the next to jump in



what list did she bring

salt pepper

salt pepper

fast slow

and away we go


snake jala

snake jala

didn’t finish her dinner

come out come out

we want to see

if you got thinner

snake jala

snake jala

don’t be shy

we won’t make you cry

just finish your dinner

slip and slip

we are ready

to see to play

come out now before the crack of day


he hides and waits

slake and fakes

hunts and kills

so get you home

before the sun

slides behind the hills

sleep tight

sleep at night

and all will be better in the morning.

elasticblue not snakes

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