#Cosplay Alley @ #FanExpoCanada

Found it – bought it – spotted it – snapped it. The FanExpo story in 8 words. Day two was sweet and satisfying (like good sex but with less washing up). As planned I walked down from St Andrew – a much much pleasanter route that Union Station. Stopped for a grande latte with an extra shot at Starbucks to get me through the rest of the day.

wp203 before the crowds arrived

Loved seeing the stream of cosplayers – lots of archers this year, everywhere, even on the subway. I hit the north end first in my search for Tartan Asia. This year they’ve spit the HorrorExpo to this area to give it more room. A wise decision. There is now a Cosplay Alley – to spare your mom from duct taping a costume for you 🙂 Dr. Who was everywhere, in every race & gender – maybe it is time for a black female Dr Who. At least I’m assuming that all those players in tweedy jackets, white shirts & bow ties are doing the Dr.

wp202 suitable for stir-fry

Picked up a couple of sweet t-shirts. Not sure what I’ll do with the super large Dr. Who bag. Chatted with the ChiZine people, then headed south – took some pics from the bridge way. Made a more exhaustive search for American Vampire and the elusive Tartan Asia. No luck for either. Seems HMV & Suspect were the only two DVD retailers on site. HMV focused on Walking Dead etc. 😦 Looks like Amazon for me. I arrived around 10:30 & by 1 the crowd had doubled in size, so getting around became a challenge. Memo to people with baby carriage – stop ramming me because the group in front me has stopped to take pictures of cosplayers. I’d get out of your way if I could. (But that Chuckie make up on the baby is stunning – oh, it’s not make up. sorry.)

wp201 The Old Rugged Cross meets Dr Van Gogh

Line-ups already for panels was I mildly interested in. That sort of floor camping is great when you’re 25 but I feel a bit past that need. Stopped at the CSIS booth (!) for a few lanyards (are they bugged) then made my way home. More subway chat with people who recognized my Expo bag. Might go back on Sunday for one last session of push and shove & foto ops. more day 2 pictures soon

November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2014 –nano02 http://nanowrimo.org


The Killer Dappled by Sun the killer flexed his hands warm playful sunshine wrapped around his fingers he squeezed but couldnʼt grasp the light couldnʼt hold it   stop it   control it   harm it the light was safe from him he found comfort that something was safe from him he couldnʼt murder the light there was a limit to his power he was human    he had frailty he looked around shadows light danced on faces chattering mindless anyone of whom he could kill one of whom he would kill soon with hands that basked in the gentle caress of the sun they would find a throat they would take the light out of those eyes of people who were slaves to a system of comfort for comfortʼs sake well heʼd put an end to someoneʼs comfort the killer was a liberator and he would liberate one by one until he was free it would be good to be free free of the need to liberate the need to kill once he had quenched that thirst he would be free to enjoy this life this world this moment in the sun

warbox lunch boxed

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