#Sex On Demand

Sex on demand is not what a relationship is all about – regardless of the genders involved. Yet all too often that, next to money, seems to be the basis of most relationship stress. I’m pretty sure money wouldn’t matter if there was a more relaxed attitude about sex.


gimme more tongue action

I am, around sexual issues, a fairly amoral guy though. I find the idea of sexual fidelity as being the sole proof of one’s love to be counterproductive. He can smack me around but the sex is great. She can run me into debt but the sex is great. Not that’s not it – it’s more like: He can smack me around but sometimes the sex is okay.


petal paved road

I sometimes suspect that sexual infidelity is an excuse to get out of a relationship one is tired of – then get rewarded for it (i.e. Tiger Woods ex-wife). Now this slips into the history of marriage & that legal attempt to control nature sexual yearnings.


does not copy

One can legislate behaviour, some what, but you can’t pass laws that change how people think. Spousal abuse is criminal, but do you think that law stops people who do it or even makes them think differently. Sure we have gay marriage, but that’s no solution to homophobic thinking.

November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2017nano


he’s your boyfriend?

he never mentioned anyone else

yes I see how this is upsetting you

it’s not as if I picked him up

oh is that what he said


what was I thinking?

I was thinking it would be a good time

nsa as they say no strings attached

I assumed he had no strings on him

plus it wasn’t strings that were pulled


sorry didn’t mean to take you so lightly

why you are surprised and hurt

after all men are horn dogs

or is it the fact that he was sleeping

with a guy

that’s got you so upset


look I told you

I didn’t know that he was engaged

that you have two kids already

I didn’t set out to steal your man

he was just some sort of cute guy

I ran into at Timothy’s

simple as that

I was looking at Xtra

and he sat down to look at it too


one thing lead to another and another

we didn’t get into history just into bed

and if you want to know the truth

if he was getting what needed from you

maybe he wouldn’t have bothered with me

 bedsimple as that

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