#JoanBaez to #LadyGaga

One might think I was a Joan Baez fan but the number of her recordings I have. On one mp3 collection I have Baez & Farewell, Angelina; along with with Merrilee Rush: Angel of the Morning; Sandy Posey: The Very Best Of; Laura Nyro: First Songs; Jackie DeShannon: Laurel Canyon; Streisand: ButteryFly; Laurie Anderson: Big Science.

On another I have Baptism, Any Day Now; along with Lady Gaga: Born This Way; Robyn & Röyksopp; Sinead O’Connor: I’m Not Bossy; Laura Nyro: Reimagined. Plus a stand alone: Day After Tomorrow. Both mp3 collections have either a historic context or span.

shed03 shed art

I’ve always found Joan’s voice to be pure & strong but unemotional. The early folk lps sounded more like folklorist work than expressive. Baptism is one of the finest anti-war lps I’ve heard; Any Day is her take on various Dylan songs; Day After is from 2008 & her pipes are still strong.

In the 60’s many people dismissed her as riding Dylan’s coat tails to fame, whereas by the time she met him she was already a major folk figure & boosted his career in fact. I read Richard Farina’s books & discovered she was rich from her music & sharing her bounty in very generous ways.

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Rush has a fine pop voice & does lots of covers of great 60’s pop stuff but never survived her one big hit. Posey: another fine, more country, voice who sang two of the most non-PC songs every recorded: A Single Girl, Born A Woman – youtube them. DeShannon another sweet sixties voice lost to that one big hit. Streisand has one of those amazing voices, more emotional than Baez. ButterFly is a pop, as opposed to show tune, lp – she does Bowie! Laurie Anderson: I remember how wowed the world was by this first lp of her’s – holds up still & made a nice end to this cd: from Baez to Anderson.

shed01 shed art

The other cd gets more modern quickly with Lady Gaga – propulsive dance pop with great pipes. Robyn – great voice but, like Baez, emotionally distant. Sinead returns with this new recording which is fine if undistinguished. Her voice is too buried in the mix for me & often double-tracked – lacks the emotional punch of her debut.

Finally Laura Nyro – more about her when I get to the n’s – but this woman is a song-writing goddess with an amazing voice.



Once the merger was complete Phipps knew his revenge would also be complete.

“Miss Jackson, would you bring in in the Chryslater Report please.” He spoke into the intercom.

“It’s on your desk already.” Came the reply.

Oh Christ! So it was. With all his attention so focused on his objective he was beginning to miss the little things. If that continued this whole scheme was doomed to failure. It wouldn’t fail, he knew that. But if he wasn’t on top of every tiny little detail it wouldn’t be as grand a failure as he wanted it to be.

He looked down at his lap top and scrolled through the last two acquisitions that would start the ball rolling. He sent a buy command for the first and a sell command to the second. He could almost feel the rumble in his finger tips as they darted over the keyboard.

Miss Jackson appeared at the door at that very moment.

“Yes, Miss Jackson?”

‘There’s a George Grant to see you sir.’

“Ah, yes. Send him in.”

“But you said …”

“I know what I said but I can change my mind can’t I.”

George Grant entered the room.

“Thank you for seeing me sir.  I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for some time. It is a matter of the utmost urgency.”

“Really. I’m sorry. Please sit down.”

A beeper went on off in George’s suit coat pocket.

“Answer it. Please. I can wait.” Phipps sat smug behind his desk.

George answered the call. He turned his back and walked to one of the corners. He put the cell phone back in his pocket as he turned around.

“I see, Mr Phipps that my visit has been a waste of my time.”


‘The deal has been done. I hope you are satisfied.”

“I’m always satisfied young man. Rarely am I disappointed. Though in matter such as this, timing is of the essence. Don’t you think. One has to make them wait just the right length of time to marinate in their own little plots fears and worries and then when it reaches the right point – put an end to their misery.”

“Very eloquently put. Though I certainly trust you haven’t started something you can’t finish.”

“It is finished now though isn’t it? Isn’t that what your little insider pals were telling you just now on the telephone?”

“Well, sir, no. They were telling me that they had successfully diverted your lap top to eBay. You just bought 4000 Pokemon key chains and not the last 4000 shares of my company.”

reddoor red door

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