The Scope of Things


back to school writing sample

The Scope of Things

Dave got a telescope for his thirteenth birthday

it needed a tripod to hold it up

if the screws weren’t tight enough

the heavy head would drift down

he showed me how to focus on stars

the faces of the moon

people’s roofs living rooms

to see what they were watching on TV

prying spying was sneaky fun

when we looked at the Milky Way

I would hum the Star Trek theme

we made notes of constellations nebulas

when we came to Earth

we had no guides for these creatures

we observed from our ufo

as it hovered unseen over their homes

peering into their windows

as they shuffled from living room to kitchen

sat on the floor to eat chocolate ice cream

directly from the carton

scratched their private parts

which was about as exciting

as those dull Earthlings ever got

never found an open bedroom curtain

for some flash of undressed flesh

for my thirteenth birthday

I got a microscope

to prepare me for science in school

I made slides of hair   spit

Dave and I took turns looking at trapped squiggles

water had uncountable live darters

snot was creepy

our shit swarmed with so many  things

I had to wash and wash afterward

we tried the microscope through the telescope

puzzled by things so far

we couldn’t touch them

so small we couldn’t feel them

wondering where did we fit in

icedcushions I said iced coffee not iced cushions

There was no Dave, but the son of a friend of my Dad’s did get a telescope. He was in his late teen’s & had several of them. We visited once or twice & I got to see him put one of them together. I was expecting one of those pirate type things but this was a ‘professional’ white instrument with a side lens, or something like that. But it did sag from weight. I was given a two minute look through it but saw nothing. Afternoon sky is not ideal for telescope use. He wouldn’t let me pivot to look at any houses either.

snowmen the snow family

One Christmas I did get a microscope set, with slides & such which was supposed to help me in school somehow. It came with a collection of things already on slides – bug parts, that sort of thing.

The lens needed a light shined at the right angle though, to illuminate properly & that was too much fussiness for me. I do recall looking at water, spit, even sperm to see real live things moving around. But always on my own. I never had a pal like Dave.

table nice white patina

It kept me amused for a couple of months looking at stuff and then got stowed away some where. I also was given chemistry sets, even a biology set with a fish to dissect. I wonder what became of those scalpels?

November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2015 – nano

head Darth Feeder

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