#NikBeat 1956-2014

In 1999 I made the decision to get back to my poetry. Not that I had stopped writing but I sure did lots to avoid it – studied dance, ran a theatre company, wrote a novel. So I started really writing daily, joined a queer writer’s group at 519 and after a year of that wanted to get the word off the page.


Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir May 2014

I found out that the Renaissance Cafe had a monthly event: Cryptic Chatter. In 2000 I started back on stage there, doing the open mike. That’s where I first met Nik Beat. I think he was in the house for that show and did a feature the next month. My first impression was of a washed-out, rock-a-billy, Brian Ferry wanna be.

tims no more Tim’s for Tina

I quickly learned he was integral part of the indie spoken scene, a man with his own radio show, his own spoken series, books, chap books, cds, exhibits of art work – a quiet dynamo.

Over the years I’ve co-featured with him, been on HOWL a few times, featured & did open mikes at his various spoken shows at the Renaissance Cafe, that dessert shop on Queen East, Q Space on College. I’ve had him feature, with Rahul Gupta (That Brown Bastard) for A Night of Killer ‘B’s: at a series I ran at Paddy’s Playhouse on Gerrard.

trunk hole in one

Warm, supportive & generous he was always a welcome face at any spoken event. His writing was mystical, funny, sometimes a bit too pop culture driven but he was an entertainer who wrote poetry well and was willing to give people what they would enjoy.

We never became more that mutual fans. I admired his dedication and willingness to support and promote spoken word & indie music in Toronto. He was an example to me of persistence for the creative cause as opposed persistence to gain acclaim or fame.


no one can fill these shoes

He always arrived in a bit of a rush, a bit breathless, harried & looked as if he had just woken up in the back of a limo with a couple groupies, whom he left waiting impatiently in that back seat while he came in to perform.

Nik Beat – 1956-2014. He’ll be missed.

Nik’s service: http://wp.me/p1RtxU-TA



This is a piece of mine Nik liked a lot. He even requested I read it at one of his many open stage events.

A Perfect Match

the first time

I was really with a woman

I ran my fingers through her dark hair

as she touched mine

you have such fine hair she told me

she kissed me  lips gentle

opened her mouth a little

my hand under her sweater

searched along her bra

we continue to kiss on the bed

I held her soft breasts

solid   light yet with weight   substance

circled blissful raspberry nipples

with my thumbs

I had read Penthouse   Playboy

I knew the mechanics of peach fuzzed mounds

she pulled off my pants

more kissing touching

you’re a sweet kisser she told me

she moved my hand to her thatch

splayed the fingers

pushed them in one by one

that feels good she whispered

the folds were sticky

she guided my cock

I rocked my hips in  out

it was warm moist frictionless

she clenched with her leg muscles

breathed heavily into my ear

then we rolled apart

I didn’t come   wasn’t even close

she smiled kissed me some more

I couldn’t wait to wash my  hands

the first time

I was really with a man

never read what to do

I knew exactly what to do

we yanked at each others’ clothes

tongues raced pulse pounding

so much friction

I came

like a match being struck

bed the singed bed

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