#Dancing and #Necking


back to school writing sample

Dancing and Necking

Lorna and I

moved around each other

to the push-n-shove of rock-n-roll

she was 14 and I was 15

that we were awkward didn’t matter

we were happy

as long as there was distance between us

at the first waltz we sat in the bleachers

after it was over

she pulled me into the dance

where we made windmills to the music

the boys not dancing

feigned a disdain of everything

they claimed to want to get some chick

outside into their Dad’s cars

Lorna and I laughed at them

as we caught our breath between songs

when another waltz came up

she pulled me tight to her

she smelled of roses

put her head on my shoulder

just like a song

I could feel her heartbeat

as we turned in small circles

her breasts pressed into me

my hand moved along her warm back

felt her bra strap

the mystery of undergarments

her head moved into my damp neck

I was startled when she licked my ear

I turned my face to hers

before I knew it we were kissing

turning in small circles

her tongue in my mouth

mine dizzy in hers

and I sighed

finally doing something

to prove that I was as much a guy

as those boys

who would never take

me out to their Dad’s cars

brownbag brown bagging it

There’s lots of truth to this piece. High school sock hops & dances that I went to. This ritual of boys walking in circles around the dance floor and making comments happens in nearly every school even in movies.

The slipping away for smokes or drinks was typical. I did have a couple of girls I danced with at times. Girls I played mixed-doubles badminton with (yes! I played sports in high-school & won a few trophies). One of the dances was after a badminton tournament.


urban outlawned

I was a fairly limber dancer as well. Too limber I suspect, as the guys would hoot at me getting my groove on with some girl. The guys were always bragging about making some girl but even then I doubted what they were saying. I lived too close to the school to get a drive home in anyone’s car :-(.

shoes not my dancing shoes

The touching and feeling of undergarments happened. But the kissing wasn’t till some years later when I did lights for a local band. This was where I met the girl who did the windmill dance. My rock’n’roll days are for another blog post.

car big back seat for you know what

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