#Movies I’d Watch Again (& Again) Part 1

Barbarella: Roger Vadim: a bit of a critical & box office flop  at the time – even Fonda ‘reviles’ it but it is a prime time-capsule of 60’s futurism, color values and ‘free love’ thinking. A sweet soundtrack, which I have, & some great comic performances – it sticks to the comic book sensibility of it origins. I watch it at least every other year and it delights me each time.

snowart snow art

Valley of the Dolls/ Beyond The Valley of the Dolls: Mark Robson/Russ Meyers – I love these equally & for pretty much the same reasons: over-the-top production values: those sets, costumes & performances. Neely in the alley screaming of attention; Z-Man – ‘It’s my party and it freaks me out’ ‘drink the black sperm of my revenge.’ The music in Dolls is slick & suitable; the music in Return is amazing. Writing about them makes me want to see them now, both at the same time – one for each eye. http://russmeyer.com

tablelegs legs in the air

Dark City: Alex Proyas – dark, brooding, visually stunning – the changing city is amazing – Rufus Sewell is a delight, the plot about memory, generated pasts (or are they). I expected a sort of half-baked Matrix – but this has a tighter script, cooler fx & Richard O’Brian (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show) floating around.

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Kill!/The Astro-Zombies: Russ Meyers/Ted V. Mikels – two sublime Tura Satana movies – Faster being a classic, now almost raised to iconic status – great soundtrack too. You want kick-ass female? this film defines it. Astro is a less than C movie but such a delight at the same time. ‘Who are you?’ I can quote lines from this I’ve seen it so many times. I first recorded Astro on VHS from late-night TV so the picture quality was shit but at a FanExpo a few years ago I found a superb DVD & was in heaven. The Astro sequel is only for fans of Tura, it’s not even hilarious bad (like Plan 9 From Outer Space) http://www.turasatana.com

blueblanket a pop of color

La Dolce Vita/Amarcord: Felinni – Vita: Christ dangling from a helicopter, Ekberg in the fountain, Mastroianni dripping cool sexuality & sublime b/w photography. Amarcord: a childhood memory that gives me images even more vivid than those of my own childhood – the snow fight, the man up a tree (I want a woman) and Fellini’s love of a woman’s butt in a tight skirt & over-flowing busts in pale blue cashmere. Nino Rota’s music in both is nigh on perfect.

November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2015 –



from a series of my riffs on Dante’s Inferno

canto 13

we came to an eerie forest

antennas  jutting in wild whirly shapes

sang a high pitched whine

we pushed them aside  gently

the thickets of clanging metal

the sound they made

was painful to hear

fluttering from some

were small rags

bodiless sprites leapt

from one antenna to the next

looking for sustenance and direction

getting nothing

but the promise of broadcast

on the constant relay of futility and emptiness

‘These are the lives surrendered

To public amusement’

Verlaine told me

‘People who have become signals of life

Rather than a life itself

Sacrificed because they felt real life

Wasn’t good enough

They let themselves die

For fractions of adulation and ridicule’

at that moment

two large shapeless masses came stomping

through the scintillating brush

bending and snapping

the aimless rows of antenna

they were pursued by smaller

shapeless forms squealing

‘Stop! Stop!

Tell us what you have to tell us

The world is waiting to know

You must tell us’

the pursuing forms stopped

panting  gleaming dripping brown oil

their electronic lens

slid in and out

as they rotated up and down

checking us out

‘Who do we have here!’

the forms they pursued stopped a few steps away

‘Do not bother with them

What they have to offer is life

And life is of no value to anyone

If they valued life

They would not be here amongst

Those who have given it up willingly

Come we are the ones

You want to interview

Follow or lose this story forever

It is a story to end all stories’

with that they darted deeper into the

brittle shafts around us

the pursuers gave us one last scan

and continued on their way

not as keen now

for the prey that had in sight a few moments before

‘Time is wasted

Precious time

Worthless time

Worthless life

Life is wasted on these’

they transmitted amongst themselves

the antennae around us shimmered

with the messages

they began to vibrate against us

like whips to cut our flesh

to rob of our blood

to wet their bloodless roots

with some bitter moment

of retribution and frustration

sensing our mercy

as an acid on the

the mindless self loathing

they wanted reflected

mirror ball

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