Blue Tango

Leroy Anderson would probably object to being stuck in my jazz collection but to me it’s a perfect spot. Known for his ‘light’ concert pieces he never felt he had the chance to become a serious classical composer.

carpet02 not so magic carpet ride

There are too many amazing, well-known, pieces for me to list but I love them all. I remember ‘Blue Tango’ as the theme music for a local CJCB radio show when I was kid. ‘Sleigh Ride’ has to be one of my all-time favorite Christmas Songs. I must admit I tired one to type along with ‘The Typewriter.’

construction eaves dropped

The cd I have is an lp to cd transfer of two lps: of him conduction his pieces & the other of some other orchestra (I made very few notes when I was doing the transfers). The same pieces on each but I tried to avoid duplicating the Anderson versions.

carpet01 even less magic carpet ride

His music, like that of Stephen Foster, or as with writing of Shakespeare, is so ingrained into our daily life we often don’t know it as the source. Like Monroe, who as an actress longed to be more than the breathy blond, Anderson felt trapped by his amazing ability to craft novelty sweetness. I feel the ability to make people smile is as profound as the ability to make them cry.



A slight breeze moved the lace curtains. Chip looked into the empty room. He looked into the room every morning to check, to see, if his sister was home, back from wherever it was they had taken her.

He had already promised not to be noisy ever again, not to make fun of her, not to bother her when she was on the phone, not to sneak up on her when her friends where there and they were just giggling and talking about things he didn’t understand. He had made all those promises.

He slipped into her room. The bed was so pink it seemed to float in the morning sun. Her teddy bears and bean bag frogs were arranged around the pillow. All that was missing was her. She wasn’t there this morning. He hadn’t made the right promise

He got down on his knees by the bed and put his hands together.

“God this is Chip. Please I am sorry for whatever it was that I did that made you mad at Kelly. I know she isn’t the best sister in the world but she’s the only one I got and please make her well and bring her home to me. I promise I’ll eat all my vegetables and that I’ll never tease the O’Brian’s dog ever again if you make Kelly well again.”

It was over a month since he had last seen Kelly. She had gone to school one day and not come back. His Dad told him she had caught something at school and would be in the hospital for a while. It was something so bad that he couldn’t take Chip to see her.

Some other kids at the school had also caught what ever it was. Some sort of outbreak. It had been on television but his mother turned it off before he could find out just what it was. Even the papers had headline about it. Something called sniper.

He figured sniper was something like the flu only worse because it could get so many at once and scare everyone at the same time. Police helicopters had flown over the houses all day when the outbreak happened at the high school.

His mom was so sad. She had cried for Kelly and for the other kids who had come down with sniper flu. He had tried to stop her tears but she just pushed him aside and then held him close. He didn’t understand. But he knew that if he was good enough Kelly would come home soon. She would be all better. Better than ever and would be glad to see him and tell him all

about the healing at the hospital.

He would have liked to visit the hospital but his folks wouldn’t take him there. He had seen hospital shows on TV. He had run around the house with the bean bag frog saying ‘stat stat’ till his Mom had grabbed it from him.

Now he was sorry he had done that. He wanted to tell Kelly how sorry he was then maybe she’d feel better too. Once she felt better she would be home again. That’s all he wanted. His sister back where she belonged.

pile whee

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