I have a fairly complete collection of The Band: stand alones: Music From Big Pink; The Band; Stage Fright; Cahoots. On two mp3 collections I have #1: Rock of Ages/Moondog Matinee/ Northern Lights (with: Ian & Sylvia: Lovin’ Sound/Dave Mason: Headkeeper, & Mama Cass) #2: Islands/Moondog Matinee extras/Basement Tapes/ The Last Waltz (with: Levon Helm; Robbie Robertson: Storyville). I’ve heard some of their reunion recordings but opted only to hear them. I’m not a completest, anymore 🙂

pole unlucky pole

The Band were critics darlings thanks to their work with Bob Dylan. The buzz for their Big Pink release was amazing & the record itself was good but, for me, didn’t live up to that hype. I loved it, the harmonies, the Dylan covers. I can’t count the number of local bands who did ‘The Weight’ or even the endless times that got sung by my drunken musician friends.

mushrooms mushroom lawn

The next two records are classics – the Americana of their seconds & the epic sweep of Stage Fright still stun me. Then they sort of lost their way, lost members. Some of the later recordings are fine all the same Northern Lights & Islands are sweet and emotionally resonant.

The live stuff is great. The horns on Rock of Ages rock, Last Waltz is a classic movie & the special guests are a treat. The solo work by Helm & Robertson is superb as well. Both found a voice of their own. Voices that are rich and fulfilling. Helm was that rare breed a singing drummer, plus he was one of the first bearded hotties I dreamed about. More about each when I get to ‘h’ & ‘r’ on the shelves.

sod Ikea lawn

Ian & Sylvia have the same sense of harmonics as The Band  & I suspect were an influence on them. I have several of their recordings scattered in the my collection (more when I get to ‘i’). Dave Mason is fine, rock/folky, & comes from Traffic & that sound is clearly there in these two records, his Mama Cass duet album is a heavy on mystical love.


October 19 – feature – Cabaret Noir – Pinebow


November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2014 – http://nanowrimo.org

nano 14


The Apple Moon

“Slow down before you …” Becky’s warning was stopped by a sickening thud.

Craig brought the car to a stop. Becky jumped out to see what they had struck. A rabbit trembled in the middle of the lane. Ruby blood oozed around it.

“Come on Becky we haven’t got all day.”

“We can’t just leave it there.”

“Why the hell not. Side of the road, middle of the road doesn’t matter much to it now. Get in the car.” He took her by the upper arm and pulled her to the passenger door.

“But it -”

“Look we can’t save it. We can’t take it to the vet. Even if we had time would couldn’t undo what’s been done.”

He pushed her into her seat and shut the door.

He started the car. Becky couldn’t help but look back at the

helpless creature they had just killed.

“Not a good omen.”

“Pardon me.”

“I said not a good omen, Craig. Not a good omen at all.”

“You and your portents and omens, Becky. The sun rose as expected this morning, did it not? Wasn’t that a good sign. You said it was a good sign that it was cresting along the orchard. The red was ripe.”

“Yes. I know what I said then. The Apple Moon had sent us a red ripe morning.”

“Perhaps to spill blood is also good. Think on it, Becky. A blood sacrifice. It’s been a while since we had one of those here in Pumpkin Corners.”

“Not since -”

“Stop! Don’t say it. I won’t hear it -”

“God’s Vengeance Hall was destroyed.” Becky said softly.

Craig stopped the car. “I asked you not to say that. That was not a blood sacrifice. People did not sign a pact in their own blood at that time. It just a lot of — hooey.”

“Hooey, Craig! Ha ha. That’s a good one. Then what was that red ink on the deed to your father’s farm?”

“It was just ink for Christ’s sake. Just …”

“I don’t think Christ has much to do with this. Though He was another blood sacrifice.”

He started the car again. “Look we are late enough as it is. Let’s just stop all this foolish talk.”

“Christenings always do this to you don’t they?”

“Only when you see them as opportunities to prophesy.”

“A first-born’s christening on an Apple Moon? I didn’t write that prophesy.”

 moongreen Apple Moon

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