The Killer In The Morning

sample rough draft sample


The Killer In The Morning


with a shout the killer awoke

from a dream

someone smothering him

a pillow over his face

he’d never use a pillow

or anything that hid the face

the best part of the kill

was in the eyes

that I can’t believe you are doing this

combined with the actual pain

as his hands crushed the wind pipe


hollow bones in his strong hands

he could crush an apple

the hardest granny smith

he’d hold it to the sky

so juice splashed his face

like a warm summer shower

cleaned and ready


the killer sat at his kitchen table

looked out at the sunny day

at people on their way to death

death at his hands

maybe not right now but soon

sooner than they expect

at least one of them would die today

he knew that

the knowledge armed him

gave him power

gave him a reason to live

to be there amongst them


each of them ripe for his desires

the headlines no longer cowed them

they had little fear

a killing a day

the papers screamed who will be next

the tv clatter box went on and on

flashed from his latest victim

to breakfast cereals

that would help you lose weight


ha he laughed to himself

I have a program

that’ll give you a permanent weight loss

don’t bother calling

I’ll find you today

it is a good day to die


someone’s going topless 

If I’m known at all it’s for my my humorous, slightly bitter writing about growing up, about queer relationships, sex. So a few years a go I set myself the task of writing outside my genre, outside my comfort zone.

This series of Killer poems was the result – last week’s Your Eyes is a sort of prelude to this character. One who is aware but unaffected by the cold-bloodedness of his actions. The mind of a serial killer is overly explored as it is, so I pushed for something different in that context. More innocent & less riddled religious ‘justification’.

mirror the endless reflection

I have to admit that getting into this particular mindset wasn’t as hard as I expected. I wanted to strip the thought pattern of revenge motivation or even of some sort of childhood trauma memory that was compelling the need to kill.

iceage welcome the ice age

It reflects, in a way, how much our culture seems to have under valued life itself. Violent death is entertainment only – away to sell product. I did allow Killer a moment of poetic reflection (the green apple of the sun) & a black sense of ironic humour – death as the ultimate weight loss program.


November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2014 – nano

map vert map to spring

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