The Killer Dappled by Sun


The Killer Dappled by Sun


the killer flexed his hands

sunshine warm playful

wrapped around his fingers

he squeezed

but couldn’t grasp the light

couldn’t hold it

stop it

control it

harm it

the light was safe from him


he found comfort that something

was safe from him

he couldn’t murder the light

there was a limit to his power

he was human he had frailty


he looked around

the cafe patio

shadows light danced on faces

chattering mindless

anyone of whom he could kill

one of whom he would kill soon

with hands that basked

in the gentle caress of the sun

they would find a throat

they would take the light out of those eyes

they were slaves to a system

of comfort for comfort’s sake

well he’d put an end to someone’s comfort


the killer was a liberator

he would liberate one by one

until he was free

it would be good to be free

free of the need to liberate

the need to kill

once he had quenched that thirst

he would be free to enjoy this life

this world

this moment in the sun

patio patio in the rain

When I go back to some of these pieces I still get chills. This is the third in the Killer series. I love the word ‘dappled’, thanks to Hopkins it has a great poetic resonance: ‘Glory be to God for dappled things.’ So here I have a killer with the same spiritual sensitivity to the gift of light itself.

I’ve also placed the Killer in an innocuous public space. What could be more pleasant than afternoon coffee on a cafe patio somewhere. Do you ever look up from your handheld devices to see who else is out there, wonder what they may be thinking. This is how suspense happens.


dig that couch

The greatest villains have a sense of honourable purpose. They see their actions as being in the best interest for some long term good – so the immediate damage isn’t relevant to them, merely something to put up with.


back seat driving range

We rarely get to see what happens if a bad guy wins – what will he do if he gets his way? Now that he can rule the world, then what? Hide away on some tropical island? Most likely he’ll spend time protecting what he has not enjoying it on some cafe patio.


November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2014 –nanobullseye


chair dappled by sun

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