#CanCon Success Stories

One of the things that CanCon & MuchMusic managed to do was ‘create’ one-hit Canadian wonders. When I watched MM it was more like radio with pictures than real entertainment. One of those wonders was ‘barlow’ (Sept03). I honestly have no recollection of his video but I did enjoy the pop sensibility of this well produced cd. Walk Away was a summer of 2003 ‘hit’ – a folky rock song of positivity & survival.


fill’er up

He has a Cory Hart look – sweet meterosexuality. A pleasant voice. The songs are socially uplifting, amusing at times and easy on the ear, as his is innocuous pop voice. I bought his CD on sale at HMV. He is still around, his web page is active & he recently did a show along with Burton Cummings.


don’t tripod that with me

On the shelf he is followed by another Canadian flash-in-the-pan – bass is base: Memories of the SoulShack Survivors (Jan00). As the title implies this is a soul/funk band – recorded in Mississauga. They had bigger chart presence than barlow, I think. Very popular locally, the hit here is Funkmobile – another fun summer song.

reflection streetcar reflection

The cd, which I bought at a CD Cat (now gone) on Yonge, is a sort of concept piece, with spoken recollections scattered between the various songs. The music is funky soul with some jazz & dance flavor. Another band that can thank MuchMusic for their profile. The band split by the end of the 90’s but members are still recording. But as I rarely listen to the radio or watch MuchMusic anymore so I can’t tell you much more about them. A great CD though.



Ruth’s eyes surveyed the room, quickly finding the items that she could carry and that would bring the best price. She had some reservations about Kim’s winter coat though. She knew Kim wouldn’t need it for the next few weeks and last winter it had been so mild it had only been worn a few times. New it cost nearly one fifty so it should be good for at least twenty bucks. That’s all she really needed.

If she had that twenty bucks then everything would be alright. She’d get her fix for the day and things would be alright.

She grabbed puffy green and pale yellow parka. It was so light how could to keep anyone warm anyway. Maybe she’d be better off with the VCR. They hardly watched videos anymore so it was just collecting dust. But there were too many wires in the back to worry about and she needed to get her fix fast. Now. The longer she looked around the room the greater the pain became. Her eyes watered and her heart began to race.

Yes Kim’s winter coat would do for today. The VCR would be good for another day. But she had to have something else. This wouldn’t be enough. She knew what those guys were like. They would take one look at the coat and just laugh at her. It wasn’t even a real coat just some cheap knock-off. If it was only a Tommy or a anything other than it was. It was just a piece of shit. Like everything else in the room. Shit.

Her life had become this pile of useless cheap objects, none of which she saw would bring her what she needed now. Money. Money.

If she could just this one little fix today she could be okay for the rest of the week. She’d be able to start fresh in the morning. Tomorrow. No, after the week-end. She just needed this one fix to get her

through the next three days then she could start fresh.

Kim would help. Kim was such a good kid. Always home right after school to look after her three brothers. They were the real problem. If she could only get those boys to behave she wouldn’t have to do this. She wouldn’t need anything to help the through the day. Maybe she could find something in their room.

Damn! Locked!

They just didn’t trust anyone. Not even their mother. She knew they had stuff. Lots of it. CD players. She could get some good money for one of them or two of them if they were in there.

The door was solid against her thin shoulder. The door nob stiff unturning. Damn those boys. When they get home she’d give them a piece of her mind. She’d make them sorry they didn’t trust her the way Kim did. Kim’s door opened silently. The room was dark, cool even the in the morning sun. The bed was made and the Beanie Babies lay in a row across her pillow

Beanie Babies!! One still had its tag. The purple whale. What could that be worth?

Oh thank you God.

She shoved into her backpack and rushed out of the apartment.

wp202 fish out of sequins

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