The Killer Wants To Know

The Killer Wants To Know

the killer wondered

how long it took for blood to dry

he never left a crimson spatter pattern

he didn’t leave clues

there was so much about death

that he didn’t understand

like how long it took for blood to dry

did it get absorbed

would it slather the surface

and clot  cake  dry

become flakey then powder

be blown away in the morning breeze

could it be resurrected by rain

he knew what was released on death

the bowel bladder

abrupt shudderings

that were the price of what he did

to liberate this world

from all these unnecessary fucks

all these jerk offs

who didn’t see how precious life was

until he would suddenly confront them

in the washroom of a noisy bar

music pounding so loudly

people thought the thump on the stall door

was someone’s fun drug reaction

but most of them didn’t know

how long it took for blood to dry

not that he asked them

why worry them with more

than how good is the coke he offered

then push them into a stall


life gone

him gone out the door

his impression around the neck

satisfying and simple

but now he had something new to learn

he had to find out

and there as only one way

to find out

how long it took for blood to dry

hello stranger


This is the last in the Killer series. You might notice the influences of CSI on this. I used to watch crime TV (then got bored with it) but found some of the language had a curiously poetic quality. An previous Killer poem used the word ‘dappled’ which was a natural spring board for me to the term ‘blood spatter.’

book dirty anatomy book

Now I don’t know if this is an actual forensics term or one popularized by TV writers (like ‘perp’). I tried to make Killer’s motivation clearer & perhaps more inhuman at the same time. To kill to see blood spatter patterns or to time how long it takes for blood to dry almost makes sense as I get into this characters way of thinking. It allows these motivations to distance himself from what he is actually doing. It’s not killing, its research.

cage escape

Though I then slip into some of his other reasons for doing it – to teach some lesson about the importance of life which the dead can’t then use. So I flow into the illogic of a mind set in way I didn’t expect.

spatter interesting spatter

Next I go into an actual kill in a club washroom. This is pure imagination, though it has all the elements of the opening scene in some TV crime show – the bass heavy club sounds, the luring into the bathroom for what the victim thinks is either a sexual opportunity or a chance for a line of coke. Death happens – camera pans up & up as we see that body slumped around a toilet, the killer leaving and club goers dancing into the show’s opening credits.

Performing this is fun with that tasty invite at the end that I can address to the audience.

carte what’s the spatter here?

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