Shirley Bassey, considered one of the most popular British vocalists since 1950, was never considered one of the hippest or coolest. My mother loved her though, being Welsh, as is Bassey, that isn’t surprising. But my only real memory of Bassey was one of her few chart toppers: Goldfinger.

raptor jurassic holly

The voice is like steel, strong, full and adult female. She was only in her late 20’s when Goldfinger was a hit but she sounded much older, to my ears, so used to, say, the Supremes. Bassey never was a mod persona but a ‘real’ singer.

eggs eggs of the raptor

This cd is an lp (The Very Best Of) to cd transfer from 2009.  I found the lp at the curb in a discarded pile on one of my walks. I thanked the universe & saw it a sign to get back to my Welsh roots (ha). It was sweet to hear Goldfinger. The material is solid nightclub stuff though: jazz standards, show tunes, clearly not top 40 pop but her voice is superb.

tracks tracks of the hunter

Imagine my surprise when she teamed up with Propeller Heads for History Repeats itself! In fact she has had an active dance music career the past decade – once again the gay market saved a career.


November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2014 –nanobullseye



Brian felt the other man’s eyes on him. He adjusted his bow-tie in the mirror. Head-to-toe he was the perfect groom. He turned to the clerk.

“How do I look, buddy?”

“Fine.” the clerk looked Brian up and down. “She’ll be happy with you.”


“Well … yes … I mean …”

“Better get used to it. That’s him over there.”

Brian nodded to the other side of the shop where Jeff stood in front of a mirror to check his tie and tux.

“Looking good honey,” Brian called over.

“Thanks. You too, sweet cakes.”

“Sweet cakes,” the clerk muttered under his breath.

“You got a problem with that?”

“Not at all sir. It’s just that …”


“Sweet cakes is so cutesy. At least you could have something less …’”


“Right – less girlish – to call each other.”

“How this? Hey! Buttmaster Flex, looking hot.”

“Please there are other people in here. We wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb the other customers is that way.”

Brian looked around the shop. He, Jeff and the three clerks were the only ones there.

“Sorry. I guess we don’t want to frighten the mice by being too out.”

Jeff came over to stand by him.

“We’ll make a handsome couple, won’t we?” He said.

“I’ll say. Cock maestro.”

“Will there be anything else gentlemen?” the clerk asked.

“No I think we have just about all we need for the ceremony.”

“Good. If you’ll just slip out of those we’ll have the alterations done. They will be ready tomorrow morning.”

“Great.” Jeff pulled his grey jacket off. “You don’t have anything for honeymoons do you?”

“Honeymoons!” the clerk rolled his eyes.

“Yes” Brian rolled his.  “You do carry things like pyjamas, bathrobes, his and his lather, lube? Those sort of things, don’t you?”

“Well, yes, but you can get those anywhere.”

‘No I think we’ll see what you have here first. One stop shopping.”

“Very well. That is Mr. Deekes department. Once you’ve changed out of these I’ll turn you over to him.”

“Oh, you are too too kind.” Brian laughed. “But perhaps we have been too much for you today after all.”

Brian and Jeff went into separate change rooms and came out in jeans and t-shirt. They handed their wedding suits to the clerk.

“I’m sorry,” the clerk said, “if I sounded a bit snippy just then. It’s just that we’ve never …”

“To be honest we’ve never either. This will be our first and last. Won’t it honey buns?” Brian pulled Jeff to him for a long kiss.

elephant not so wooly mammoth

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