Panic in the Streets


Panic in the Streets

I left the house once

without my water bottle

how would I save

the dwindling environment

use my clean hands to cup water

from some grundy washroom tap

would I dehydrate

with the city spread out around me

parched and dusty


I left the house once

without my credit card

what would I do

if I had to buy a cup of coffee

a bottle of water

what would I do

if I had to prove to that I was of some value

without proof of my credit-ability


I left the house once

without my cell phone

out of touch with reality

who would think

I was worth talking to without it

what would I do

if I had to tell the time

would you believe me

if I told you I missed your call

because I left my cell at home

would you forgive me


I left the house once

without my digital camera

I didn’t know where to look

my eyes had to see things as they were

not as compositions to be captured

what if I saw the defining moment

of the collapse of our civilization

or a cat sneezing

I might as well be blind


I left the house once

without my gun

I didn’t feel safe

there was a threat in every glance

how could I defend myself

how could I define myself

without at a spray of bullets

to protect me  to project me

I felt naked vulnerable defeated

bat rats broken bat scooter

This started one day when I did leave the house without my camera – not that I see myself as a photographer but I do like get images for the blog. This forgetting happens as I have two shoulder bags I switch between – one when I’m going to taking my travel mug with the other for lite days (LOL). The cat sneezing is a nod to the fact that pictures of cats get more hits than any other picture.

bottles bottles?

I don’t have a water bottle though, but often have my travel mug – saving ten cents on a coffee was a joy till I found I was paying for a size larger than the mug held & after making them measure it twice gave up on the savings & just order the size I want & dump into the mug, hence wasting a cup & that leads to the downfall of the ecology. Sorry folks.

Then I imagined other items to leave the house without – credit card isn’t so vital to me but to be without one of my many coffee cards – Tim Ho’s, $bucks, etc means skipping coffee that day – same with my optimum card. When I have them it takes long enough to find the one I’m going use anyway. leaving without my phone is no big deal though I do use it as my watch – not knowing the time is no big panic.


autumn altar

Leaving house has become such a job these days though – once upon a time you just put on your coat & out you went – now one has to make sure they have the proper plastic, cellphones, headphones, iPod, Kindle, camera – & if it’s a long day the required cords for recharging these vital life-saving devices.


blue bottles blue bottle fly traps

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2 thoughts on “Panic in the Streets

  1. the first part of this reminds me of a time 6 years ago when I came out of a black out state of drunkenness beside the ganaraska river, I had been so thirsty so I drank from the dirt river but it was quenching.

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