look I’m going to be honest here

I want people to think

I’m one of those men

drawn to the inner light of a person

someone who has that unique gift

to sense the tender spiritual values

the hesitant sweet flicker

of the ethereal in a soul

and once I have that flicker

my heart is the candle lit by your flame

we fall in righteous burning love

but let me tell you

that is not the case here

I dig you in those jeans

the hug of denim on your calves

that brush of hairy wrist

when your each across the table

is what gets me burning

I don’t give a fig for spiritual values

for all I care you could be

a callow insufferable arrogant prick


I just want to get naked with you

I want to run my tongue over you

feel you do the same to me

take you

without the weight of personality

don’t tell me your political views

your favourite sport team is irrelevant

the last book you read

screw that

forget all pretences

of being intellectual thinking creatures

and be the animals

we are ashamed to be

I don’t even have to see you again

I won’t give you a phone number

don’t want yours

I just want you

head to toe   mouth to mouth

wipe that shock off your face

it only comes from

all those years of inculcation

that to act like barn yard animals

is less than honourable

that to give in even once

to the rutting gut busting urge

is demeaning   isn’t right

who wants to be right

when it feel so right

come on

I’m ready to drop my pretences

as fast as you can drop your pants

look I’m being honest with you

I know how rare that may be

when we have to commodify desire

to mask lust as art or apologize for it

but I’m not into apologies

unless its to say I’ll be sorry

if we let this chance go by

dolls04 welcome to the doll house

Part of the inspiration or this piece was hearing one to many poets (of both sexes) talking about how sensitive they were to the true essence of their loved ones. All too often, to me, these sound like a plea by the poet to be seen as being so sensitive you would be a fool not to have sex with them. In fact they are begging for you touch their cosmic transporting neither regions, what Zappa calls the latex solar beef, to experience true delight. Please please please.

dolls03 ooh Santa

My pieces about sex are usually frank, direct & often funny, sometimes sensual. I’ve found that often the emotional content is human-sexual as opposed to homo-sexual.

Though some people get the impression I write about my actual sex life all the time – let me tell if you had as much sex as people assume I do, I would not have time or inclination to write about it. 🙂 Others assume I’m a sex addict because I write about guiltlessly enjoy sex. I think that comes from that ‘inculcation’ by cultural & religious pressures – the message that pleasure is bed, suffering is good.

dolls02 valley of the dolls

I enjoy the play of words through this piece as well – ‘the weight of personality’ ‘drop my pretences as fast as I drop my pants.’ As LMFAO says – I Am Not A Whore – if I was, you couldn’t afford me.


November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2014 –nanowrimo http://nanowrimo.org

December 14 – special guest spot – Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir




dirty old snow man

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