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perfect nano sample

Dan locked up once his staff left the shop. He went to the back to make that the laneway door was secure. He put the day’s take in the safe hidden in his office. Everything that looks like a planter is not always a planter.

He went up to the third floor to double check that all the security systems were activated. He enjoyed viewing the empty rooms below. Cameras were all function and recording. There was still activity at the Classic as they prepared for that night’s poetry show.

Some activity in the lane caught his attention. It was a man and woman. They stopped in a dark recess in the building on the other side of the lane way and began making out.

He tapped one of the back cameras to swivel it for a better view. Zoomed in a little at the same time. The woman was one of the working girls in the area. He’d sometimes find used condoms back there, evidence of their work.

The man wasn’t interesting in being kissed though. With his back to the wall he was pushing her down to his groin. He moved enough so that Dan had a nice view of the cock as the hooker pulled it out of his pants. The guy’s dick reflected some of the street light. It wasn’t visible long enough for Dan to see the whole of it before the hooker had it in her mouth. Dan zoomed a bit closer. He wished he had a camera at that level rather than from this angle.

He watched the woman’s head as it moved up and down the cock, her hand squeezing as she did so. The man pulled her hand away. Said something. She adjusted her position and went back to work on his cock. Once more he pushed her hands away.

The guy’s hips moved rapidly and he pulled her away and came on her her face. She jumped up and smacked him. Guess she didn’t want her makeup ruined.

The guy laughed as he put his cock back in his pants and pulled up his fly. The woman turned and left the laneway. The guy followed a few steps then turned back to the nook. Pulled out his dick again and pissed into the corner. The street light made the yellow stream even more yellow. He left.

Dan sighed. He was hard. That sort of action always got him aroused. Sometime he’d jack off watching. He pressed reverse and as the scene replayed he had it sent to his computer at home into a file called Lane Way Play.

This time he watched the the man’s face and what expression he could make out in the lighting of the laneway. He’d kept that area deliberately darker than the rest of the alley so it would be inviting for this sort of thing. Mostly pissing men but every once in a while it would really pay off with a great show like this one.

He was still hard when he wheeled his bike out to the street. As he rode home he replayed the scene in his mind – the moment of the cock going into the mouth was always his favourite. He loved the way this guy wouldn’t let her use her hands to hurry the orgasm; clearly he wanted to get his money’s worth. His coming back for a piss was icing on the cake.

He locked his bike in the garage. The car wasn’t there which meant Sanjay wasn’t home yet. Would this hard on wait?

In the kitchen there was note on the fridge that said ‘Plan B.’ This was Sanjay’s signal that he’d be home later than usual and would sleep in the smaller bedroom so as not to disturb Dan when he got home. Plan B came up at least once a week.

He grabbed some left-over chicken from the fridge and gnawed on it as he went up stairs. Why did chicken always taste better cold?

He dropped his clothes in the laundry hamper after making sure they wasn’t anything in the pockets. More than once he’d found a stray thumb-drive; sometimes cash he’d shoved in one to save time doing trade-in sales. This time there was nothing.

After his shower he put on his sleep boxers and a tee, took the hamper down to the laundry room in their basement, sorted coloured from white and tossed in a load. He went back to his desk and turned on his computer. Other than camera company  spam there was nothing of note.

He opened up the file he had sent himself from the store. He did one screen capture of the man’s face then ran it through a program that would fuzz the face whenever it appeared in the clip. For the woman he only fuzzed out her eyes because he didn’t want to loose a pixel of that cock going into her mouth.

He kept a copy of the unadulterated version for his own files. He cut just the oral scene from when the woman went to her knees to the come hitting he face and posted it to V-Files – the logo was a take off on the X-Files. There were almost instant likes for it.

He checked his account there once every couple of weeks. If he looked at it more often it lost its appeal. He didn’t care for the picture quality of a lot of what was posted. Too much pussy eating for him as well. His posts were amongst the most popular though. Partly because he had better quality images and also because he took the time to do some editing. Most of the people who subscribed to the site didn’t want to waste time going though the lead up, they wanted the action.

He did a quick search for the content that interested him. Skipped ones where the woman’s finger nails were too long, ones that looked like inserts from real porn movies. He stopped to watch one that took place in the back seat of a car. Two guys for change. One of them holding a phone cam as the other went down on him. The cam bobbed a little and at time he caught a glimpse of the driver in the front seat. Perfect – watching a watcher. How much more meta could it get.

me01 stop looking at me Betty

This is from November 12 – just past the 25,000 word point. There has been sex before this, trust me, between Dan & his lover – that I most post to Tumblr, because it is explicit. Not that this scene isn’t but it isn’t actually about the sex but the context of looking at sex.

It makes Dan less than perfect for one things, adds a bit of kink without the kink being, what I think of as over-the-top. It’s a well-documented fact that the male of the species is aroused by visual input. So Dan becomes a voyeur in a more literal way. It also reflects, whiteout him seeing the connection, his Dad’s taking of saucy pictures.

me02 I see me

The V-Files is my invention but there sites for nearly anything – besides I’ve seen things, supposedly taken on the sly, on Tumblr etc. So the fact that he posts it isn’t unreasonable, or that people would hit the like button that fast. I’ve had likes for my very tame WP page within minutes.

Needless to say this activity will come back to make things more difficult for Dan. One of things I work hard at doing is not allowing Dan to ever make any connection between some of his actions and this of his father, which to me are clearly variations on one another.

me03 x marks the spotter

Why make Dan less than perfect? Hopefully to invite the reader to have an emotional reaction to him, to become invested in what happens even to a character who does thing they might not approve of.


November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2014 – nanoWinner-2014

December 14 – special guest spot – Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noirnoirxmas


me03I’m down here

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