World Building #NaNoWriMo sample 8

perfect nano sample
(This sample is from Nov 13 near the 30,000 word mark)

Dan started to push the store’s garbage bins to the nook. He recalled the first time he became aware of the activity that happened back there.

The family was living on the third floor of the building. His bedroom was the corner room and had two windows – one on each wall. One window overlooked the laneway. He was coming on fifteen and aware he was gay.

In those years there was a bar on the corner where the office complex now stood. Rafters Bar and Grill. He could never figure out why it was called Rafters. The bar was loud with rock on weekends, his mother called the police more than once about the noise.

The lane way behind the photo shop was used by men, and sometimes women, late at night who needed to take a leak after a night of drinking. He would sometimes here them knocking over the garbage cans, swearing, fighting with one another.

More than once he spied on couples making out down there thinking they were safe. Or did they hope to be detected. If they were too noisy in their making out his mother would open a window and shout down at them that she had called the cops.

If he was restless at night he’d sit at the middle window on the second floor that gave an ideal view of the nook. He’d hope for someone to wander in to relive themselves. If he was lucky he’d have a ring side seat for a make out session.

To see a man’s cock appear out his pants got him hard. So hard he’d off ejaculate without having to touch himself.

His mother was so disgusted with the ‘abuse’ the laneway got she wanted it gated to stop people from using it but as it was a shared lane she’d need to get all the other buildings on either side of it to agree. All she managed to do was to get that nook boarded over.

Dan wasn’t sure what the old factory warehouse across the lane from his building was being used for these days. It had gone through many hands over the years. For a time it was used for raves. Several years it was a performance space, sometimes artist lofts would appear then go, a gallery. Last he heard it was to be converted to condos but that hadn’t happened yet.

After this sister married and his Dad moved them to real house, the renovations of their store began in earnest. One thing Dan saw to was that the hoarding his mother had put up to cover the nook was removed.

He said the space was the perfect spot for garbage bins, which is was, but which he also made sure was kept clear of them except on nights when garbage was to be collected.

His cell rang. It was a text from Sanjay. “Out front. Want a lift home?”

Dan texted back. “Round back.”

A few minutes later Sanjay walked into the lane way.

“Long time no see.” He said as they kissed quickly.

“Yeah. How was the party?”
“Same old. I left before the boss could pressure me to help with the service. Feels like I haven’t slept for days.”

“I’m just finishing up here.”

“Anything I can give you hand with?” Sanjay started to roll one of the bins.

“As a matter of fact there is.” Dan grappled with Sanjay from behind and pulled him into the nook. He’d never had sex out there himself. What would that be like? How would it look on the monitors. He could star in his own moment.

“What the fuck.” Sanjay struggled to get away.

“It’s okay.” Dan unzipped Sanjay’s jeans and tried to get his cock out.

“It is not okay. Someone might see us.”

“Not here. Too dark.” He stepped into the darkest corner of the nook. “Can you see me?” Dan knew what would be the best spot for the camera to catch any action. He undid his fly and let his erection catch the light.

“Sort of but … that’s not the point.” Sanjay stepped back and into the limited light. “What’s got into you?”

Dan had kept his lane way fascination a secret from everyone, including Sanjay. There didn’t seem to be any way of starting a conversation about it with anyone. He didn’t discuss it with his V-Files buddies. He saw no point.

But now that he the chance to share it this way with Sanjay was too much for him to resist. He pulled Sanjay back into him and sank to knees. Sanjay pushed away.

“You been drinking or what?”

“No.” Dan said as he finally wrested Sanjay’s thick dick out of his underwear. He lunged forward and got in into his mouth. Was the light right? The angle. It better be for all the work his was doing to get this shot.

“Stop.” Sanjay shoved him hard into the wall. “This isn’t like you.” He shoved his cock back in his pants, did up the fly as he moved away from Dan.

“Sorry.” Dan stood doing up his own fly. A minute more and he would have shot off. “I was just happy to see you. Happy and horny.”

“I can tell.” Sanjay glanced around to see if anyone might have seen them.

They pushed the bins into the nook. Dan went back into the store to get his bike. He desperately wanted to check the security cameras to see what they picked up. He could access them when he got home.

building01 real world I world build on

Here I’m exploring of Dan’s secret nature. I say ‘secret’ because I personally don’t think of it as dark or immoral. Often the need to keep secrets is what undoes people as opposed to what the actual secret is.

This moment between them will lead to great trouble for their relationship later in the plot. It also echoes nature of secrets. This is realize now as I look at it and the number of small thing people are holding back from each other in the story itself.

Though none of things would change things if they were told at the time. Dan and Sanjay are in for a rocky road regardless this is a major bump.

building02 more real world

You also see me doing more world building here – the warehouse next to Dan’s store. I may in fact have to create more of this little business block. Dan’s being a three story corner building large enough to hold three businesses – but what else is there along that laneway. Is it relevant to the story or will it make the location itself more vivid.

building03 or world built on this real location

I’ve given it a general location – Queen East before you get to River Street. I lived in that area many years ago & even then here were some shops and office building not the old buildings in that area. I’ve taken a few pictures locally of spots that resemble this, the south-west corner of Gerrard E and Greenwood has a similar retail set up – coffee shop, store and then another store – but the actual building is too modern. I see something more 20’s.


November 1-30 – participating – NaNoWriMo 2014 – nanoWinner-2014

December 14 – special guest spot – Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir noirxmas

playhouse the iced house

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