French Gothic

Back to the classical shelf for a couple of Lp to cd transfers. French Music for Two Pianos; Gothic & Renaissance Dances. Both are composites of MHS ( albums. On the east coast I became a buyer of many albums from this source. I loved getting them in the mail.

doll scary dolly

I love piano & I am a fan of Debussy. The French collections has a lot of his music along with pieces by Ravel & Faure. Not as emotive as say, Chopin, but more melodious than, say, Schoenberg. Sweet music but a bit ‘fussy’ in that French style. Though Ravel had more jazz in his piano music than I had expected.

trashed trashed

Gothic & Renaissances Dances is combined with a Introduction to Medieval and Music of Shakespeare’s Time. This is the people’s music – stuff performed in taverns. The pop music of the times. Rousing and raunchy  (A Lover & His Lass) at times, some wistful. Through this I learned the difference between a shawm & a rebec. Lute, fife & tambour and we’re doing a gig or a gavotte after a couple of flagons of ale.

night night light

The F in French is followed by the G in Gothic – that’s how these two ended up side by side on the shelf. The classical shelves begin with a raft of miscellaneous sorted by either title, performer or instrument.




“Ugh – what!” My eyes were crusted shut with the sweet grit of sleep. They didn’t want to open any more than I wanted to wake up.


I rolled over in my bed and reached for the alarm before it could congratulate me again.

“Congratulations! Congratulations!”

Without opening my eyes I shut it off. Part of me knew I had six minutes before the alarm would start to congratulate me again and again till I was up. As long as my pressure remained on the bed it would go on and on congratulating me till I was ready to face the morning.

I slid back into my dream instantly. The small dance of light hadn’t seeped into my retinas enough to pull me to full wakefulness. The dream was welcome. I stood with two beautiful men. Just my type – short stocky hairy with hard thick cut cocks. One of them was black, not too black but Nigerian-coffee-with-a-dash-of-cream black. Moustache and smile that beat the hell out everything. I wanted him so bad.

The other was my current boyfriend Hal in one angle but in another he was a tattooed Latino. Mexican perhaps. I couldn’t tell. He smiled that same smile.

“Congratulations! Congratulations!”

“Okay okay.” I pushed my blankets off. I couldn’t have slept much longer anyway. My cock was bursting with the need to piss. A much better alarm than the “Congratulations!” I was made to use. I walked to the bathroom my piss hard cock a wand in the cool air. If only you could be that hard more often. If only Hal would show up more frequently. But his job with the Space Corps kept him on the move. We were lucky to get in two nights in two weeks. Two great nights mind you.

I came back into the room and the bed had been withdrawn into its cubical in the wall. A small table with two wall mounted seats took its place. Simcaf brewed and the smell of fresh bacon filled the air. The smell was all, the bacon wasn’t real, it was a simpork product that was made to taste better with the smell.

I open the microwave and took out the breakfast, the simcaf and sat at the table. On the screen over it the weather and other news flashed.

At least we were still real. No simpeople to worry about. The taste of my lover’s cock was real, not simulated. Stimulated, yes very stimulated. Hmm. Nice thoughts to get me started on my day.

A female face appeared on the screen. Clarita my assistant.

“Father Griffs your first baptism is in five minutes.”

“I’m on my way.”

Fountain of light 2004 Fountain of light 2004

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