(read out loud as fast as you can 🙂 )


moonbelly sings

the system cannot withstand close scrutiny

moonbelly sings

cities are centres of copulation

The voice male female sings the truth

cities are centres of copulation

people long to hump wherever they can

homes are only places to

hide our bodies when we copulate

a property system

that cannot withstand close scrutiny

without falling apart at the seams

without being found wanting

more houses for humping

systems that keep the hidden in its place

seeking out moist crannies

in bathroom stalls

dark cafe corners

groping   stroking

longing for closer scrutiny

a cry of mercy mercy me

I want to be taken down to the river

that flow through the city

that is the centre of copulation

where there are fashionable shoes

come milk me pumps

blowing the water into the air

a fountain of orgiastic tropes

shag hump bump get it on

we all want to get it on

praying for the right opportunity

to come along

and drop its sacred pants

while acting as if there isn’t a sweet itch

waiting to be scrutinized

smiling in anticipation

trying not to look too desperate

because no one is that desperate

in this centre of copulation

there is always something there to remind you

it’s time to wake up get down to it

rise and let the sun crawl over your flesh

even where it doesn’t shine

it wants in

it wants to taste what some call sin

we all want to take that hasty dash

along the right of way

to do it the right way

to do do do do it all night long

fountains of bursting potential

raining down wet sloppy kisses

on all who put aside shallow shame

at being happy to be here

in this centre of copulation

this city that scrutinizes each and every soul

points it to towards the right hole

wink wink nudge nudge

you gotta wanna get it on and on

many don’t even care with who

when moonbelly sings

it always brings a tear to my fly

‘cause it’s no use sighing over spilt guilt

grill under wooden bars

This is one of my favourite pieces for performing. The breath control required though is demanding & usually I do it to get energy flowing for a set. I love the bounce of rhymes, half rhymes, fleeting images that connect over-the-top moments  “fountains of bursting potential/raining down wet sloppy kisses” to create a roller-coaster of fun.


under white bars

This is as close to slam style as I get, or want to get. It lacks the anger or social consciousness that gets points – too much fun. I wanted to write something that was all out joyous about sex.

construction under construction

I love the song references (almost demanded by slam) plus the reference to a most obscure singer – you’ll never find this song on YouTube. I performed first a few years ago with SoulFistikato doing vocal beat box for it. Sublime.

Made a last minute decision to dust it off for the open stage at Hot Damn! tonight. I was asked to be one of the judges & figured why not get some stage time in while I was at it.


snowy snowman

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