Powerless Over Christmas

‘We admitted we were powerless over Christmas and that life becomes unmanageable.’ A little adaptation of mine from the steps of recovery. It serves as reminder to me that the hustle & bustle of the season aren’t aimed me, my fault or mine to control. It’s easy enough to feel cynical about how commercialized it has become, bitch about how soon the music starts but what’s the point?


panties & cigar

It’s become simpler for me to let it wash over me and stick to my usual routines as much as possible. The fact is that people are often more irrational, emotional and more frantic this time of the year. I do my best not to add to that rather taking some cynical pose of being above all this stuff little folks get caught up in. Such is life. This is the world I live in. Besides cynicism, as supposed sign of intelligence, is the short-cut to bitterness – something I don’t any short cut to 🙂

coat coat racked

In this world Christmas never lives up to the movies – gasp – that’s because movies are fantasy, fiction, very loosely based on an idealized reality. They are not documentaries – they do not claim to represent facts that I must replicate or live up in my own life. Not everyone can afford Dr. Christmas.


autumn colours

I pick my battles & the one against the economy of festivity isn’t one I can win. I’m grateful I’m not the one balancing packages, bags from the LLCB & a Venti coffee while tottering down the slippy subway steps. As much I do enjoy the season I always heave a sigh of relief when things get back to ‘normal’ in January.


January 3 – attending – HOT DAMN! It’s a Queer Slam featuring Johnny Trinh

Hot Damn


January 18 – hosting – Out of the Fire – a fundraiser for Kyle Andrews




84 Honda Accord EX, gray, auto, as is, running, 217Kms

where are we

no one is sure

the news:

war  peace  parking lot take down

health break through  oil spill

weatherman calls for enough sun

to show us where we are


armed robbery in the mall

santa ducks a bullit

a rush up the escalator

all caught on a security camera

ah – there we are –

good to know

someone has an eye on us

even if we are just

nameless digital blurs

tracked by another cypher

who isn’t going anywhere

chained to the grind of watching

keeping track who’s of good and bad


the back up called for

arrives in the wrong parking lot

they surround my old Honda

I flop on the pebbly ground

smell of exhausted tires and feet


a police woman helps me up

offers an apology of sorts

‘one can’t be too careful

so even the innocent are bound to suffer’


my heart rate goes up

every time I think about

the slap of voices

pushing my nose

to the grit of grey black asphalt


where are we headed

no one is sure

but I sold the car

so if we are going

someone else will have to drive


winter colours

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One thought on “Powerless Over Christmas

  1. I like this observation. I am one who dislikes all the forced consumerism. My partner and I every year discover new ways to enjoy the season without all the obligatory nonsense. Good post! Thanks! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

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