Eight Days A Week

Ending the year with another Beatles mp3 collection. This one includes Hard Day’s Night/For Sale/Help/Past Masters 1/2. And just to round it out Grand Funk Railroad: Greatest Hits. Where to start?

white02 dirty white #1

Seeing Hard Day’s was an amazing rush. The film was impossible to access because of the fame of the Beatles – was it good? The music was amazing – those opening chords of Hard are still electrifying. Time has let me the see movie as a script etc & I love it. Help! less so but it has great songs, sitar & a funny, sharp, satiric script with good acting out of all of them.


dirty white #2

For Sale: Eight Days A Week an under-rated classic by them. Past Masters is an excellent repackaging with their German recordings & b-sides & one-off singles that never appeared on lp. Tucked away in my Lennon collection is their Live 1965 – such screaming & they could play live too.

white01 dirty white #3

Grand Funk Railroad – I was never a big fan but do enjoy this hits collection including their long take on Inside Looking Out.  Steve Miller like – a very American Band that were competent, well produced, but not inventive – unless you count 3D packaging.


January 3 -Judging – HOT DAMN! It’s a Queer Slam featuring Johnny Trinh

Hot Damn


January 18 – hosting – Out of the Fire – a fundraiser for Kyle Andrews





What do I see for 2015 – the news will not change, different names and better coverage but the same events – senseless killing sprees, innocent people shot at their desks, fire bombed in jungles, cults of doom consuming the energies of people.

Money made and lost on the stock market, more lost than made made, dives and dips that will send more people screaming in front of TV cameras with opinions but no solutions.

Bad movies about teenagers with no sense of value that will get rave reviews. Music that no one understands, not even the people who make it. Books of pointless dissections of lives, past recriminations of parents for being human and not gods when bringing up those children, with the microphones hidden in their heads, tape recorders for brains that will spew out entire dinner conversations to reveal just how human parents are.

TV shows about people losing their way in big cities where they don’t even speak the language. Sad American tourists blindfolded and taken by air to unknown destinations and just let free – no money, no guides, just that damn camera crew trailing behind their every step.

The American legal system with tear right down the middle with a nation more divided than ever. Greater civic unrest for minorities who are actually majorities. Whites will wake up to the fact that there are more Asians and blacks than anglos in the the land of the free and those people will demand to be free once and for all from the oppression of financial expectations, religious intolerance and body shame. They will raise slowly but surely before anyone realizes what is going on and the tide of change will not be controlled by any national guard or petty sex scandal.

Water will slowly disappear. People will wake up and find there isn’t enough to go around, not enough water, not enough power. Waste will become a crime. No watering of lawns, recycling of bath water, all controlled to eke out each last drop, but still there will not be enough for some. Only the rich will have lawns, the rest of us will have wild flowers (yeah).

The hungry will get more hungry, the homeless will increase as people lose the longing for home.

The nature of family will continue to change. The Rockwell image will be replaced with the reality of today. Nostalgia will no longer rule and the those who wish we were back to yesterday will be sent there once and for all, leaving the rest of here to enjoy progress and appreciate and flexible future. For without flex there is no future.

The war between the sexes will continue as men stay stuck till they find the gal still stuck in that past. Men will marry each other, women will marry each other and God will smile while churches that perform such services will be burnt to the ground by worshippers of nostalgia.

2015 will be a year of great spiritual shifts in all who flex and one of deep fear and distrust to those who refuse to open to the future.

The future cannot be halted and it is my fault.


my legs are cold

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