do you remember the day

we jumped from second story windows

into heavy piles of snow

banks barely dented by our bodies

you, the favourite cousin

you didn’t want to jump

I teased you

‘Kitten Kitten I got your mitten.’

you jumped just to shut me up


it was a week of so much snow

streets were lined by cars

tuned into white humps

schools were happily closed


the old toboggan

we pulled pushed slid soared

flew down hill to the pond

the danger of suddenly cracked ice

cousin Meg was downed there last year

you said it was haunted

we crept quickly past it

I said I could hear Meg calling

‘Kitten Kitten I got your mitten.’

you pushed me back toward her

then ran slid into the snow


the snow was softer there

we sank deep

heavy thick white foam

it rushed up our legs

held us pulled us trapped us

we bobbed like a pair of

dog heads on springs

in the back window of a car


you had to pee

I helped you pull down

the ice encrusted zipper on your snowsuit

saw your little red cock

the stream of yellow dazzle dizzy

steam as it hit the snow


‘Be careful!’ I yelled as I pulled away


‘Your turn’ you dared me

‘Or do you need a mitten to keep it warm?’


so I did it too

the cold rush around the moist warmth

that my pants had held

I made crosses over your yellow splotches


we stood a moment there

our dinks dangled in the cold

looking at them   then each other

smiling wide   wondering


it began to snow again


the blue scarf

Ending the year with a memory poem – one of my false memory poems. Lots of truth in it mind you but it’s been pieced together from various moments. I started writing these sweet, queer sexual memory pieces because none ever showed up in the poetry I read. There was lots of opposite sex first kiss/realization/crush poems that were sweet, gently ironic but queer awakening poems were usually fearful, angry or about abuse.

Although my first memories of being attracted to boys had some fear in them and I have written about some of that at time I really needed, wanted to create a sense of the past I would have liked to have had – this one is of a time before I had that fear but had that boyish longing.

bluebin the blue barrels

I grew up in Cape Breton with my family the only family I had – there were no cousins, uncles or aunts, not even siblings for the first few years. The outsider from the get go. Everyone I knew or met there had extended links of relatives I envied. S0 here I give myself a cousin.

I do remember snow storms like this one though – jumping out windows into snowbanks – sidewalks that were more like tunnels in the snow. One of the best toboggan hills did have a pond near by but not deep enough. Kids did sometimes break crack through the ice in the larger pond in Wentworth Park.

bluedumpster the blue dumpster

Pissing in the snow – what guy hasn’t done that. I say guy because it isn’t as easy for girls. Snowsuits – I did wear them as a kid but out grew them at some point. Ironically I’ve been tempted to buy the adult version – a skidoo suite for dealing with the coal here in Toronto. Something Arctic worthy. But its hard enough finding a place to hang your parka at a restaurant.


January 3 – attending – HOT DAMN! It’s a Queer Slam featuring Johnny Trinh

Hot Damn

January 18 – hosting – Out of the Fire – a fundraiser for Kyle Andrews


yellow snowsigned on the snowy line

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