Sliding into the 2015 Future

If you take look at my up coming events you’ll see I’ve made definite plans to be creatively active this year – more than I have in past years. I should add here that I make plans not results. Life often has a habit of changing plans but that’s no reason not to make them either.

tree01 into the trees

The one big plan not on the events list is to get my first novel finally smash worded – I just need to get someone to do the formatting, then get my USA tax number so the royalties can finally start rolling in 🙂 Don’t laugh stranger things have happened to hapless authors.

tree02 weep for me?

Last year I stepped back from doing open stages & will continue that expect for the occasional one just to keep in shape. It takes as much work, on my part, got do a three minute rush as it does to do a full feature so I’m saving my energy & picking my spots carefully.

I already have my tickets for the Colloquium & FanExpo: early bird prices are hard to resist. Loyalist hasn’t been confirmed yet but plans are made.


tree dizzy

I’m most excited by getting to Washington in June for Capturing Fire. I haven’t done a poetry focused workshop event for some time & never a queer one. It’s been years since I’ve been on a plane – not since Frisco five years ago. I’ve already made hotel & flight reservations. Now to decide what to wear.



1959 Aug Me and my bros 1

Sliding Into The Past

it’s about these

color slides from the 60’s

me before glasses

squinting because of the light

not because I was trying to see into the future

pictures of that self-consumed boy

holding baby bother, sisters

he didn’t want to share his parents with

playing with other kids

he didn’t want to be bothered with

never secure enough

for rough and tumble

there is some actual residual memory

of a few of these moments

of being on the beach

no not of the beach at all

just of that tanned man

in a white bathing suit

that bulged enough

for me to be fascinated

some from by a waterfall

a spot known to locals for picnics

but not a tourist draw at all

I remember the waterfall

but not the picnics

I recall going there later

with friends

with a case of beer

bottles of wine

to enjoy the setting and shoot the breeze

drinking buddies

cemented into lifelong

bonds of comradeship

over guitars smokes and booze

heartfelt confessions of love lost or wanted

the philosophy of some counter culture

back to the land

that would change the corporate domination of lives

that could overthrow the templates

of culture for the better

then we grew up

today I can’t name for sure

one of those bright eyed drunks

even the ones I was in lust with

afraid to come clean about desires

that weren’t included

in any of their visions of the future

they all wanted a women to settle down with

their desire to overthrow the templates

didn’t go so far as to break free

of those mating cultural imperatives

they wanted a possessive love

that would guarantee horizons of happiness

while I just wanted

not to be afraid of what I wanted

in my slide to the future

1959 Gillis Lake Falls 3

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One thought on “Sliding into the 2015 Future

  1. Hit the ground running and don’t quit until you’ve achieved all your goals! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

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