Now we come to my Beatles stand-alones: these are the peak of their recordings and it’s hard to pick a favourite but it is easy to see their progression as musicians: Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, Abbey Road, and finally Love.


All, except for Love, have powerful memories for me – being amazed at the Revolver cover, in love with the Sgt. Pepper art work – if only I still had that moustache insert. Rubber Soul was a hint at what was to come with its subtle studio work, In My Life is one of my favourite Beatles songs. The tripiness of Revolver & the amazing sweep of Sgt. Pepper. It was as if our teen pop music had taken on a whole new dimension of promise and had proven it was more than just kids listening to their transistor radios.


I’m not sure if I ever saw Mystical Tour. Paul is dead – play this track backwards for a secret message – never did that either – but those songs Baby I’m a Rich Man, Hello-Goodbye. I still have my original lp of this one. Any offers? We’re talking at least five figures here.


Abbey Road is stunning as well, no one knew at the time this was their last real album. It also contains my least favourite Beatles track – Something – if I never hear it again I’ll be happy. Love is George Martin,s sample happy mash up, put together for a Cirque show in Vegas. Sonically interesting but, to me, sad that this is the fulfillment of that whole new dimension of promise.




New Beginnings

Anna saw the police car in her rear view mirror. Her hand jerked to shut her purse and sent the contents of it over the seat. The  pint bottle she’d just taken a drink from flipped to the floor and the smell of vodka filled the car.

Shit! I thought vodka has no odour. A mint! she needed a mint! There must be one in here somewhere.

She took her eyes off the road. Nothing. not even a stick of gum. Why wasn’t she prepared? Shit! Good there’s a piece of candy. there. A linty lime life saver that she hoped would be her life saver.

The police car pulled up beside her and signalled her over. She rolled onto the shoulder of the road. She kicked the bottle under the seat.

“Seem to be having a bit of trouble ma’am.” The young police officer said once she unwound her window.

“Oh sorry about that. My purse tipped over.” She waved her hand the the stuff that had spilled out of her purse.

“Why don’t you get out of the car and I’ll help you sort it out.”

“Oh, that won’t be necessary young man. Now that I’m stopped I can do it myself. You just stay there & direct the cars away from me. I was afraid of stopping on such a busy roadway.”

“No, ma’am I do think you better step out of the vehicle.”

“But …” she trust her registration and insurance at him. “You  see everything is in order.”

“Ma’am have you been drinking?”

“I …. I did have a glass of wine with my mother at the nursing home. For New Year’s, you know. That’s not an offence is it.”

Another officer joined them. This one was a female.

“No, ma’am.”

The female officer glared though the passenger window. Anna was sure she would see the bottle. Shit! Why didn’t she put that vodka into the sunny delight bottle she usually used. No she had to brave it with the actual bottle. Damn. Damn.

“Then I don’t see what the problem is. I’ll just put my stuff into my purse.” She pushed the newspaper off the seat hoping it would hide the bottle but as she did she glanced up at the female officer and knew it was too late.

“I’m sorry ma’am.” The female officer opened the driver’s door. “but, we really do have to insist. Here I’ll give you hand.” She undid the seat belt for Anna.

“Please I can do that myself self you fucking fascist pigs.” Oh God! What had she said that? Why had she picked up that pint after promising her mother she was going was going to turn over a new leaf. So much for that damn promise.


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