#JesuisCharlie / #IAmCharlie

It’s over a week since the executions in Paris. It was impossible not to watch at time but it was quickly easy to move on as the same talking heads asked the same questions and added nothing to the event other than their need to be paid to be heard. I can’t help but see the moments before the camera goes on when some make person darts away after making sure hair is right.



It gets too easy to be distracted by the media frenzy around events as news crews shuffle around looking for the right back drops for their reports. I’ve written extensively in the past about the media manipulating the scene so I’m not going to go on about it here. As I say in one older piece – it’s hard for me to feel the religious sacredness of countries where queers like me can be put to death.


culture’s come undone

I was shocked by the numbers of killed, the speed of the killers & what appears to be their reasoning. It brought to mind the firebombing of abortion clinics & killing of doctors in the USA. Their own home-grown terrorists – murderers who eluded police capture just as readily. They too thought they were in the right, that they had God on their side.


out of the blue

Events played out, almost predictably, resulting in new martyrs for both sides. Am I sounding cynical? All this search for an explanation is a smoke-screen & creates justification for deeper xenophobia. In the USA there is a move to ban hoodies because  they are an easy way to obscure the face – sunglasses next?





Death in Paris

there’s been death in Paris

fervour for revenge

young men caught in the need

to teach a lesson

to set people right

to affirm a price must be paid

for not listening

for not respecting

while those that believe

what they believe


the young men are aberrations

even to them

their personal faith is the fault

not the faith itself

did they come from broken homes

is this a mother’s mental break down

another crime

caused by cultural neglect

now shifted to religious cant

or does it matter

as long as there is room

for the camera man

the probing host

and his teleprompter

we need the right pundit to explain all this

to make it even more compelling

to assign the right blame

all I know

is that it’s not my fault

I don’t even want to watch it unfold

I can’t blank out my TV screen

can’t chase away

the bottom of the screen scroll

can’t keep the cell-cam images

from spattering

my email’s page

it’s everywhere

the issue of respect

who has the right to demand it

you can’t cuss out a queer in public

you get shunned for sexist comments about women

but to mock another’s faith is death

what is freedom of speech

I’m afraid to start conversations

there is death in the news


that it happened

is the truth

the evidence is in front of my eyes

the damage done

I heard the the words said

that I can testify to

but I can’t account for why

why it happened

why what was said

even though I see the video footage

I don’t know what I’m seeing

one side interprets it to suit their own version

the other refutes

each equally self-serving

but what cannot be denied

is someone died

you can’t lie about that

you ask me what I saw

what I heard

then question my veracity

my truth becomes a matter of perception

slanted by my own personal judgments

I become someone incapable of telling the truth

so why bother telling it ever

it becomes so much more practical to lie

to spin reality

to suit the listener

so I’ve become a compulsive liar

how do I feel about that

who cares

no one is listening anyway

they ask how do you feel

while wondering who has texted them

the truth

all they care about

is how short your answer is

that you answer in a way

that doesn’t draw them any further

into your life

than the moment it takes to ask

then get the fuck out of there

before too much information gets revealed

they don’t want to be witnesses

they don’t want to rationalize away

your reality

so I learn to say the same thing back

how are you doing

rather than answer their question

because no one cares

there isn’t enough time

before the commercial break

not enough language

too many ways to spin the facts

and the facts seem to be these

there is no truth

there is death in the news


and that’s

no lie


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