#Intergalactic #Spousal Corps


Intergalactic Spousal Corps

From The Intergalactic Spousal Corps Handbook

March #1

1 2

sound off

Who are we for

3 4

Intergalactic Corps

March march

Through space

5 6

March march

help and care

wash and wear

7 8

What’s it all for?

Intergalactic Corps

That’s what for


Recruitment Song

Girl gals women

We want you all

Able and willin’

Join the Corps

See the worlds

And what’s more

Have the time of your life

Bring the gift of mother hood

To those that should

Have the chance to inter-breed

To protect their seed

To life and love

Join the Corps

Show the cosmos

How it goes

With the human supreme race

That will change the face

of the future

So join up join up now

Don’t wait another day

Grand adventure

Lots of pay

A future worth living

A chance for real giving

As a member of the Crops

The Intergalactic Spousal Corps


Voice Overs for Recruitment  Video #31489

Women of earth we are at an unparalleled moment in the history of the cosmos. Earth has spread its powerful influence for good across the stars and now thanks to new scientific break troughs we are ready to take on a new challenge.  Mother to the Universe.

We need you now more than ever women of earth to be the seed bearers, to bring you precious ovules to the ends of the stars to help protect delicate and at risk species.

In the words of out founder Jayne Powell Morrel:

I woman

take this step

I woman

can do what no other can

my motherhood

will prove to be the gift

that will see the survival

the survival of all

of each tiny delicate star child

my womb

my arms

will nurture lives in troubled lands

repair the ravages of wars

turn back the hands of time

refresh and requite

with my tender heart

and my spirit of love

Yes this is the time. Report to the nearest recruiting station and join us on this great adventure to bring our human  tenderness to all that need it. Do not wait. New worlds are to be discovered, populated and you, and only you, women, females of earth can see that it happens.

Need we remind you that once enlisted you will be trained in the most up to date scientific processes for inter-species breeding and child rearing. There with ample time off to visit with your earth relatives and the pay will surpass your wildest dreams.

So girls, women don’t wait another minute, don’t waste another day on your dreary hum drum Earth bound existences. Join the Intergalactic Spousal Corps and become one with the universe.


I’d totally forgotten I’d written this until I unearthed in my archives last summer. In a way my spin on 1984, a culture confined, controlled and propelled by cant. There’s also a sense of Girl Guides here, with the songs and marches. There’s no denying the influence of the movie title Mars Needs Women (for reproductive purposes it turns out).


I like this structure as well – looking at something from various angles – telling a story without characters yet with a clear narrative line. Like my Pinebow series I use songs & story telling to explore narrative as opposed to dialogue. It also harkens to telling a story through letters and/or diary entries.

I also like this notion that the Earth would develop a trade in women as reproductive vessels for other species. Voluntary of course. I’m pretty sure that if this was a reality there are enough religious, ethical and moral issues to be coped with that our basic culture would have to be changed for it to be acceptable. Then again that’s part of the subtext of this piece, right, a world in which this sort of enslavement would be totally unquestioned, merely sold.


difficult hairs?

I may revisit this concept to expand it to include a text for instructional videos. Sexing the alien without making it too clinical or too pornographic at the same time. How would a husband react? Would girls grow up with this as a viable career option – one in which a sort of intergalactic prostitution was the only future open to them. Would aliens ever need cock? No drama there because most horny men will fuck anything, right?



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