Adam in the Morning


Adam in the Morning

o that I were Adam each morning

given the privilege of naming

finding a word for each of the ways

I discover to love


o that I were Adam with no memory

no libraries describing things beyond

this moment’s opportunity to experience

a man with no past

with only the future of love to anticipate

to surrender to

to roll in the sweet earth of

looking for another rib

looking a new object to utter

to pretend word equals understanding

when it’s only bare comprehension


o that I were Adam

with no mate only himself

only his own body to discover

to give name to each of the sensations

from head to toe

with no name for head or toe

only the awe and delight

in reaching out to touch to savour

those words

with no merciless weight of taboo or totem

no referential wink and nod to the wise


o that I were Adam

given the privilege of creating love

to discover your body for the first time

each time we meet

to have only the sensation of fingers

no time to speak

enraptured by the invention of next

by the tremble of how long will this last

before we are flooded by names


o that we were Adam

speechless thoughtless

merely aware


in a blinding morning haze

at the dawn of an unnamable world


o morning light

Do I know my Bible? I guess not but who doesn’t know the story of Adam and Eve. This another piece that deals with the awakening of emotions and of sexual longing, an Adam without Eve but also one longing for a return to innocence. A longing to return to a state in which there is no prior cultural associations for ones emotions

With so much information it is impossible to be the ‘first.’ It is impossible, say, to see Hamlet for a first time the plot is so familiar that even if one has never seen the play one knows what it is about. How we fall into, out of love, is based on information we already have – the weight of taboo or totem.


o spirit vacuum

The notion we have of love, sexuality are already so loaded with expectations and restrictions it might be impossible to fall in love without being disappointed if it doesn’t match some movie moment, if the sex doesn’t duplicate the porn we watching learning the mechanics. We are so overpowered by images of the perfect mate that looking else where can feel like settling for less, for giving up.


o poolside seating

Did Adam yearn for a mate? Is that why Eve was created? How long a time was Adam alone before Eve was created? I don’t know the legend that well, nor do I need to. Was there even language? Babies have no language when they are born but they are clearly aware of their bodies. Innocent pleasure that all too soon becomes defined.


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Loyalist Workshop is the real deal

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