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The next couple of cd’s on the pop shelf are a pair of MP3’s of, all people, Harry Belafonte, with some Miriam Makeba in the mix. Belafonte reaches way back to my childhood – to a particular lp of his ‘Calypso’, that my folks owned: (Calypso (1956) is the first million selling album by a single artist.) He’d had a few hits: Island in The Sun, Day-O that I vaguely recall hearing on the radio. His material runs from sort of slick pop, calypso & island folky (Man Smart, Woman Smarter) to spirituals.


one foggy morning

He has a fine emotional, but never over selling emotion,voice. Oddly, though, he never made a real musical other than Carmen Jones – in which his voice was dubbed !! I wonder if his original recording of those songs are on some reel-to-reel somewhere.


still in a fog

One of the lps is a live concert with Makeba – which lead me to a couple of her solo lps that are full of African songs, spiritual & even some pop (an amazing In My Life). She also lead Belafonte to recording music that reached past his Caribbean roots to Africa. Both were world music stars before there was such a category.


misty morning greys

On the shelf following him is a stand alone CD by Maria Bethania: brasileirinho. Folk pop out of Mexico that is sweet to listen to. It was one of the last things Jackie Burroughs gave me before she died. Jackie had helped, while she was living in Mexico, some filmmakers & they gave her some Cd’s by way of thank you. She passed them on to me because we shared a common interest in latino music. Music will never take her place.



The eraser tore through the paper. The fourth page Jan had spoiled. Only ten minutes left to the end of the class and she still wasn’t any closer to starting than she had been when the class had begun. She shoved the papers, pencils, crayons off her desk and to the floor.

‘What’s wrong Jan?’ Her teacher, Miss Grant kneeled by the desk and began to pick up the stuff that had just been pushed to the floor.

‘Nothing. Nothing is the matter. Why does something have to be the matter? Why?’

‘It doesn’t, Jan. Let’s see what you’ve done so far.’

‘Nothing to see.’

‘Miss Grant! Miss Grant!’ Dave piped up. ‘I have lots for you to see.’

‘I’ll get around to you Dave. Why don’t you start again Jan. Try something simple. Small.’ she folded a page into quarters. ‘See. You don’t have to fill the whole page like the others. Such a waste of the rain forest, don’t you think?’

Jan nodded in agreement, clutched a pencil and began to make lines on the page. Lines that became tree trunks.

Miss Grant stood and went over to Dave.

‘Whatcha you doing?’ Syl turned to peer at Jan’s picture.

‘Never you mind.’ Jan covered her work as best as she could and in doing so crumpled the picture she had started. ‘Oh! Why don’t you leave me alone.’ She balled the page in her fist and hit Syl on the ear with it.

‘Now, now, Jan. You have to play gentle with the others. Not everyone is as strong as you.’ Miss Grant rushed over.

‘Well, so what. Just leave me be for a few minutes.’ Jan stood and tried to push past Miss Grant. The teacher held her firmly by the shoulders. ‘You let me go. I’ll report you. I’ll tell.’

‘Tell what?’ Miss Grant forced her back into her desk. ‘You have to be slow with your self Jan. There is no hurry. Just take your time.’

‘I don’t give a crap about you or this school or growing up. I don’t. So just leave me alone.’ She covered her head with her hands and sobbed onto her desk.

The buzzer went.

‘That’s all for today class. Now leave quietly and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow.’


March 7 -Saturday – attending – 2015 Toronto SpecFic Colloquium – Round Venue, 152A Augusta Ave., Toronto


April 26 – Sunday – 2-5 – Featuring – The Secret Handshake Gallery – 170 Baldwin Ave., 2nd floor, Toronto.


June 5-7 – attending – Capturing Fire – Washington DC


(2015 registration posted but details not posted yet. I’ve registered already 🙂 )

June 21-26 – attending – Rosemary Aubert’s Workshop – Loyalist – Belleville


Loyalist Workshop is the real deal

page 23 for details next page down for registration info

June 27, Saturday – 7:00-  Feature: Hot Summer Nights at Hirut, Hirut Restaurant, 2050 Danforth Ave., Toronto


September 3-6 – attending – Fan Expo


October 18, Sunday – feature: Cabaret Noir: Deep Burlesque Hallowe’en




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