Star Trek Subtext


Star Trek Subtext

an all day Star Trek marathon

the original series on DVD

weird space plants

funky 60’s retro-futurist sets

Kirk Spock Bones Sulu

(Sulu who knew you were

the real queen of outer space)


we had nachos salsa

bags of sea salt-n-pepper chips

Hawaiian pizza fried chicken

diet coke real dr pepper

a 90 inch plasma TV

to see Trek in all its never to fade glory


to make it more fun

as each episode started

we did a soprano unearthly dance

every time Scotty said

‘I’m giving it everything we got captain’

we’d eat chips as fast as we could

when Uhura said

‘we are experiencing interference’

we saw who could burp the loudest

every time Shat took off or tore his shirt

we removed an article of our own

(Strip Trek)


every time the fate of a culture

was decided by a kiss from Shat

we made moony eyes at each other

until someone said ‘phasers on stun’

each time human emotions

were a puzzle

we asked deep personal questions like

‘who has the bigger dick

Checkov or that guy

with his face painted black and white?’


when any alien said

‘what is this thing you earth people call kissing’

we gave each other alien tongue baths

every time Spock said ‘illogical’

we did the Vulcan grind meld


by the time the marathon was over

it didn’t matter

that neither of us really liked Star Trek

we’ll never forget this Star Date One


trees in the morning mist

This is a rare, for me, piece about popular culture. I set out deliberately to write something that was relatable, funny, sexy and fun to perform. This sort of pop culture poetry cut through gender and sexuality at the same time. I love performing it – attempting various voices for the characters.


trans memorial tree in the lobby at 519

The structure is based on drinking games I’ve heard some people play for various TV shows – take a shot when so-and-so does one of their trade mark repeated actions. Repeated actions that one loses awareness of until you actually take real note of. Must save the writers time – what do we do now – take off his shirt? Star Trek has lots of these sorts of consistent moments.


tree felled by wind

I made the drinking game not an eating game, that eventually becomes more than eating food. One of the keys, to me, was to get the right flow of events, sot hat things built up to actions that were increasingly fun and sexual without become explicit.

Alien tongue bath anyone?


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