Public Slap Fight

So, some millionaire queer celebs have gotten into a bit of a public slap fight. A nearly has-been pop star verses a fairly passé fashion house swatting at each other, perhaps in an attempt to seem relevant? Both parties come off as defensive as opposed to having something of value that adds to the quality of gay life.


shitty Armani jacket

It ultimately reflects the factions of who is being queer the right way. The pop star sees this as a homophobia – ‘how dare you be critical of my accessories.’ It’s on the same level, to me, of labelling someone homophobic because they don’t find drag sexually arousing.

The pop star now refuses to purchase anything by the passé fashion house & there’s even a petition good gays are to sign to teach the world we won’t take it – all things considered maybe buying D&G knock-offs would be as effective as a sign of protest.


Berluti cast offs?

The surface details – how children are made, what sort of parenting is best for them – is distracting. It covers the undercurrent of who is being queer in a way that fits in with the current wave of assimilation as progress. To be gay and not want to get married is now seen somehow as being homophobic, especially if you admit to the fact of not wanting to get married.


St. Geneve trashed

I think everyone should have the right to marriage, the right to have & raise children – but to make those opportunities mandatory, or like merit badges as the only acceptable way to show the ‘world’ how normal queers are isn’t progress, but it is happening. If you don’t want those badges you are giving queers a bad name – I’d rather a bad name than a boring one.



“Did you know Greg well?” Jane asked the sullen man beside her.

“Met him a few times in the neighbourhood. You know at the annual street sale. Sometimes I’d stop to chat while he was working on the front bed of his.”

“Front bed?”

They had both stepped out of the chapel to smoke.

“Garden. A little patch of tulips & crocus. He kept pretty much to himself. Did you know him?”

“About as much as you did. I have the house across the alley from his. We’d wave sometimes when he was mowing the back lawn, but that was it.”

“So you live in this neighbourhood, too?”

“Yes. I have seen you at the corner store a few times.” Jane said.


“Well, sad though isn’t it?”

“It happens.”

“Makes you wonder though, just how well you know people. Like he’s lived here nearly fifteen years and I didn’t even know his name.”


“Yours is?” He stuck his hand out at her.

“Jane Brown. That’s my husband over there.”

“Right. Good looking man.”

“Thanks. And yours?” Jane asked.

“My husband isn’t quite that real. Single life.”

“I mean your name?”

“Ah, right. David Peters. I’m at 456 River and you?”

“512 Green.”

“We’re nearly neighbours too.” David said.


“Small world, yet it seems to far at the same time. A few hundred yards. Sorry I never got to know Greg better. Not many other gays in this area, you know.”

“I suppose not.”

“You knew Greg was … gay?” David asked.

“Not that we ever talked about it, but that rainbow flag, single white male living alone except for the occasional male visitor. It adds up.”

“I think he had one in the front too. That one would go up around gay pride.”

“Oh, that’s what that was all about. The changing banners, I just thought there were decorations not signals.” Jane joked.

“See, you’re learning more about him already.”

“So you are … gay too?”

“Yep. Not much point is pretending otherwise.” David said.

“Strange that you’d live so far from the heart of town … you know … where I understand most of that goes on.”

“I like it out here. Quieter, feels safer even if it isn’t.”

“Isn’t safer?”

“Oh yeah. Didn’t you hear about the shooting At McD’s near by? Pretty nasty stuff. But yeah, this is pretty much like the neighbourhood I grew up in. Nice homes, families.”

“Doesn’t keep death away from the door though does it.”

“Not many places do, Jane, not many places do.”


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