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Spread over 2 cds of mp3’s is more Blondie, so much it’ll take two posts to cover it all: On the first is Plastic Letters/Parallel Lines/Eat To The Beat. After their first I couldn’t wait get more, more, more. I loved everything about them from the packaging to the contents. There was an actually musical progression too, a sense of growth & confidence as they tried different styles – they never got stuck in that retro sound, as did the B52’s.

So many great songs as well, No Imagination, One Way Or the Other, Die Young Stay Pretty, Heart of Glass. Dynamic originals & sweet covers. Bonus track on the reissues show their live chops too. Was disco a sell out, was rap? Or was Blondie fearlessly exploring & expanding.


black facecloth

On this cd with them I put some of their roots: Tommy James & The Shondells: Cellophane Symphony – includes their classics: Crystal Blue Persuasion, Crimson & Clover, which till I got this I’d never heard in their original setting. This is a classic psychedelic treat with great engineering, trippy lyrics & a sort of innocence.


wet blue yonder

To round this cd out I added a slew of Monkees: The Monkees, More of The Monkees, Headquarters, Pisces etc, The Birds etc. Most of these clocked in at barely 30 minutes but are chock full of appealing pop. My Stones loving pals at the time shamed me for enjoying such crap so I kept this love in the closet. Great songs by the likes of Boyce & Hart, plus strong originals, make these lps stand above a lot of the other pop stuff of the time – 1910 Fruitgum Company, anyone?


dirty white slip

Sadly they never broke out of their TV product image & were always confined musically by their corporate owners but they did mange to produce some solid work. Even bringing on board the likes of Frank Zappa, Jack Nicholson or touring with Jimi Hendrix (!) didn’t change their image. On par with other product like The Grass Roots or Three Dog Night.

More Blondie in a couple of weeks.


The Last of Snowy

“She’s gone! She’s gone!” Doc threw the cabin door open and deliberately tracked mud on the floor as he stomped to the table.

“Gone!” Five dismayed voices answered in unison.

“It’s all your fault,” Grumpy smacked Dopey.

“Who’s he talking about?” Dopey asked Bashful.

“I guess we weren’t good enough for her,” Bashful wiped a tear away.

“Just when I was getting my allergies under control,”Sneezy sneezed.

“We’ll be fine without her.” Happy encouraged them “But who is going to tell …”

They all looked to the bed where Sleepy snored.

“I knew that the Wicked Witch would get her. I just knew it.” Grumpy picked coagulated egg off a dish.

“It wasn’t her.” Doc raised his voice to scare a stray deer out of the cabin.

“Then who?” Dopey drew a smile on the sooty mirror.

“A prince.” Sneezy exclaimed.

“A what!” Happy wiped Dopey’s smile off the mirror. “You mean the adoration of the seven of us wasn’t enough for her. She seemed so happy.”

“Oh well,” Bashful sat on a pile of dirty clothes, “who’d want to hang out with bunch little losers like us.”

“Shallow bitch,” Grumpy hit the table with the palm of his hand. “We slaved away in that mine for her. Brought her diamonds. All we asked for was a little affection & light house keeping. Was that too much?” He hit the table again.

“Careful,” Sneezy wiped his nose, “You don’t want to wake you know who.”

“I thought that headache stuff was wearing thin,” Doc nodded. “And sleeping for the last seven years did seem a bit extreme.” Happy added, “Though a good sleep never did anyone any harm.”

“Gosh,” Dopey chased a squirrel up the chimney, “maybe he was better looking than us.”

“Who isn’t? Who could blame her?” Bashful agreed.

“I hoped she’d get past these superficial things. What did he look like, this goddamn Prince Charming?” Grumpy began to skin a rabbit for their supper.

“He was about six feet tall.” Doc confided sadly.

“What!” the five of them replied at once.

“Blond hair, clean, good teeth, rides a horse, great body. He must work out at a gym.” Doc continued with increasing sadness.

“Well, so what.” Grumpy pulled off his grimy tunic, “you call this being in bad shape?” He whistled as he flexed his muscles, thick and firm from years of digging and hauling diamonds.

The others pulled their tunics off and did the same.

“Yeah,” Sneezy wiped his nose on the back of his hand, “We’re super buff. We’ve got more real muscle than any wimpy Prince Charming.”

“Maybe that wasn’t the muscle that counted,” Bashful quickly pulled on his tunic and tucked it firmly into his pants.

“Anyone who would trade the love of the seven of us for the company of one handsome, empty-headed, self-centred Prince isn’t worth wasting another breath on.” Grumpy kicked a soggy pile of apple cores out the door.

“It enough to save her from the Wicked Queen. We made her life bright for a while. That should be enough.” Happy smiled. “I feel honoured we had the chance to be a part of her life. Why should we expect any gratitude in return? Her contentment with Prince Charming is gratitude enough for me.”

Sleepy’s snores were all that was heard in the gloomy silence that followed.


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