Vintage Ambient & Electronic Music

I realize that many find avant-guard & electronica to be unemotional, dry & overly intellectual. But none of this cd reflects that, to me at any rate. The use of manipulated voice & found sounds has been used by Moby, Beck, Daft Punk, Square Pusher, Aphex Twin etc. to good effect. Where would hip-hop mixers be without the ground breaking work in sampling that these pioneers have done.

whitedoorknock knock

I recently put together a cd of electronica music – of the non-dance pop music type – some would call it the real deal. Others would call it sonic noodling, vocal masturbation and not music. My reaction to that is ‘so’ – I enjoy it. One of the lps I reclaimed via iTunes is Electronic Music: with Luciano Berio & Cathy Berberian’s Visage – a monumental piece of work which I still find challenging it listen to. I first found this as lp way back in the 70’s on one of my visits to Halifax. Some of it is synthetic, some tape layering & manipulation. Timeless. At one time when I wanted people to leave my place I would put Visage on. Rarely would they stay to the end of it.

From about the same times Luciano Berio: Sinfonia & Eindrücke – I had the world premier recording of this – left it behind when I moved here & have missed it. This isn’t the same recording mind you but fulfills. It straddles classical orchestra, choral and the unexpected nicely.

umbrellagone with the wind

This search for electronica started when I decided to replace my lp to cd transfer of Pierre Henry: (music for Bejart ballet) Messe pour le temps présent: I found the lp in 90’s, knew who Bejart was & bought it – ballet music is often in the ‘avante guard’ & this is no expection, from the mid-60’s it full of tape manipulation, pop & is great fun.

I came across Ghédalia Tazartès when YouTube clip showed up in my Tumblr feed – the poster warned this was defunct & not to listed to on drug. I was intrigued & found him on iTunes & pick dup a couple of released fro late 70’s: Diasporas Tazartès, Une Éclipse Totale De Soleil – not as challenging as I expected but serious sonic all the same – worth the effort to find them.

luckare you feeling lucky

I also came across: Vintage Ambient & Electronic Music – a sweet collection on some 40 tracks – mainly Italian & German & all with the expected electronica burble. Some teeters into new age wash but great stuff. I did resist the temptation to seek out more work by the musicians in this compilation. Enough is enough. But maybe sometime int he future I can use this as a guide to more.

To round things out I did a search for female electronica composers. The lis tis more extensive than I had expected and it included the pioneer – Pauline Oliveros. Her Four Electronic Pieces 1959-1966 are sublime and adventurous at there same time. I also added Christine Southworth’s Zap! in which she uses various electronic devices to create some great compelling work.


Motion Emotion

the faster I move

the less I weigh

the faster I talk

the more I get to say

squeezing out not taking in

the less I take in

the less there is to carry

the less I carry the fast i can move

staying in motion

moving targets

may get shot as more

but they get hit less

especially when I avoid straight lines

darting back & forth

spinning out into controlled curves

tumbling when necessary

drier than dried

moving too fast

for moisture to stay

for sweat to bead

l becomes like a wake

when I am not awake

I don’t move in my sleep

I am like death

so still

not even my breath can be seen

I don’t like to 4e still

sleep is for the weak

and I am weak

it is my frailty

the need to keep moving is

fuelled by the sleep of righteousness

because only the pure of art

can move as fast as I do

can slip the sling of gratification

to find myself like a sun beam

faster than the speed of found you this time;

no one finds me

no one holds me

I’m not slippery

just too fas to be caught

too nimble to be confined

free of all encumberneces

except the envy of those

who want to be free

who feel that trap this flash

is the only way they can bottle

their own timid energy

their own fragile pleasures

the resolution of not catching me

isn’t enough to satisfy them

but that’s all they’ll ever get

words and understanding

aren’t enough to slow me down;

I don’t need to be understood to be free

I don’t need permission to disappear

before your very eyes

into a mist of mystery

who was that unasked man

I don’t need an invitation

don’t have to wait for opportunity

don’t even to make them for myself

don’t stay long enough anyway;

the flame flicker wind darting around me

singes and then gone

out like a light

out the window

out out out

washed clean

not a trace of me

not even in memory

which is the secret of my success

to be so fast I am not memorized

not recalled

not even a vague discomfort

beyond the spark of envy

for the moment of realization

the faster I move

the less you care

let’s keep it that way


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