Non-Stop to Brazil

Luiz Bonfa: Non-Stop to Brazil, Classics, Jarcanda. Non-Stop is a stand alone. The others are on a massive mp3 collection along with what follows. Bonfa is best know for his music for Black Orpheus but his career is extensive. Non-Stop is an fine acoustic cd – soothing and sweet. Jarcanda he works with Deodato; Classics is a big iTunes slab of over 50 tracks. All Latino, guitar based jazz. I love this stuff even when it get a bit too middle-of-the-road.


baby no more

Eugen Cicero: Swinging the Classics – this is another iTunes slab of over 50 tracks – I’d picked up an lp of Cicero’s: Rocco Jazz, years ago. He does amazing jazzed up Bach, Chopin and the like. He works with a bass player & drummer and all of it is delightfully fresh and stradles jazz and classical perfectly.


held together no more

I’d never heard of Jamacian Jackie Mittoo but came across this Anthology of his on iTunes. Nearly 50 tracks – what can I say, I can be a bit of a size queen. Plus I love his big organ sound, sort of a Caribbean flavoured Booker T, Jimmy Smith . Better yet he was a Torontonian.


winter no more

Rounding out this cd is Claude Bolling & Jean-Pierre Rampal: Suite for Flute. I loved this when it was first released. Another attempt to spin classical and jazz together and it works for the most part, it’s a bit too ‘clincial’ for me. Cicero’s work has a sense of play I enjoy, some of the Bolling has that too but not enough.


Fire at the Heart

Slat flicked the burning falfa splinters over the edge of the wall. He watched them flicker through the air till he couldn’t see their thin green flame. At that point he crushed another handful of falfa in his left hand. When the brittle stalks was splintered enough he narrowed his eyes at them till the flame spurted. Once they were too hot to hold he flung them into the sky to watch them fall into the black.

‘How do you do that?’ Drm asked.


Drm grabbed a stalk and crushed it as he had seen Slat crush his. He stared at the loose bits as he had seen Slat do. He narrowed his eyes but nothing

happened. The sweet smell of the bruised reed made him slightly nauseous.

‘Here.’ Slat grabbed the falfa from him and glared at it. After a moment, when it sprung into flame, he dumped back into Drm’s hand.

Drm would have pulled his hand away but Slat grabbed it and held it firmly so he had to hold the burning falfa.


Drm looked at the flame but felt nothing. A small tickle perhaps but not the heat he had expected.



‘It don’t. It feels like …’ D held the burning grass up to his eyes to look at it closer, ‘…. the first time you kissed me.’


‘Sure nuff.’

Slat knocked Drm’s hand. The embers danced into the sky and stopped a few feet in front of them. They didn’t follow the rapid descent the others had but remained there. Slat would have reached out for them but he knew he would step off the wall. Below them was a drop of fifty l’nks or more.

‘Leggo!’ Slat shook Drm. ‘You must be holdin’ em.’

‘All I’m holding is that memory.’


‘Can’t. It burns ‘cause you made it burn into me. I feel you here.’  Drm touched his groin gently and at the same time touched Slat’s.

‘Yeah. Good. I ‘member too.’ Drm’s touch started a warmth in each of them.

The sparks that dangled before them grew brighter.

Slat pushed himself up and darted into the field of falfa on the other side of them. The stalks of the tall grass waved high over his head. Drm turned to follow but he wasn’t sure if he should leave the embers behind him.

‘I waiting.’ Slat called from deep in the field.

Two steps took Drm deep into the field. He could hear the ripe seed pods rattle over head. It wasn’t difficult to follow Slat’s trail as the towering plants were slow to right themselves after being pushed aside. Drm would rather have skirted the field as they had to find their perch on the wall. The hollow clack of the thin reeds made him think of  bones being crunched.

A series of sharp pops stopped him in his tracks. He glanced up and saw that the embers had followed him. As they brushed the seeds pods, the pods caught on fire and burst open. The green flames quickly raced down the stalk and to the ground, to the next stalk.

Instantly he was surrounded by the raging fire.

‘We done for,’ Slat stumbled before him clutching his tunic and trunks. The light that raged around them played off his bare flesh, sparkling in the hair on his chest and loins. He was hard.

‘Can we put it out?’ Drm reached out and held Slat’s cock. ‘Close your eyes. Think. Dream.’ Slat held Drm’s free hand.

‘We try.’

They both breathed deeply. Heat from the flames burning deep into their lungs. They both were filled with the image of the fields engulfed in flame. The fire would destroy this crop and the bitter ashes wouldn’t allow for another plating in two cycles. They would be outcast.

Two breaths later and the fire was out.

Two more breaths later they both opened their eyes. The falfa around them was unharmed, unsinged. The seed pods saved.

‘We are fire together,’ Slat grinned.

‘Is that good?’ Drm started back towards the wall.

‘No,’ Slat stopped him. ‘We must go in and not out.’


‘We the fire at the heart here. We must go in.’

Pulling off his tunic and trunks Drm followed. Over head his embers danced and followed.

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