May Day DC

According to my Oxfam calendar May is ‘Leave a Legacy Month’ and also that May 1 is May Day. I’m more inclined to dance around the maypole than sit down add codicils to my last will and testament. Thanks to the everlasting clutch of the Internet this blog will probably be my real legacy. I’ll always be backed up on some hard-drive somewhere as long as there is power for search engines I’ll live on. Life everlasting.


in the garden of earthly debris

Today is approximately 32 days before I head to Washington DC – so this is my May Day countdown to that departure. To be frank I have been preparing since I made my flight & hotel reservations on December 26. Not that I’ve started making but I have been plotting what to wear. I have a couple of tee’s reserved for the Fire weekend, it’s been hard not to wear them before then. Very hard.

I want to travel light but also have lots of change of clothes at the same time plus have room in my luggage for what I may buy while I’m there. Teleportation for luggage would be the answer to a prayer. I may do what I’ve done in the past – mail my dirty clothes home – they don’t count as hazardous waste, do they?


white apple white roses

I’ve also printed out a couple of google maps. One that shows coffee shops in the area I’m staying at & The DC Center where the Fire is going to be. The DC Center  is within walking distance of the hotel. There’s more than enough Starbucks alone. I hope my Starbucks gold card is good in the USA. (addendum after the fact-: it was.)


wild blue, yonder

I also know where the nearest grocery store is, where the nearest AA Club house is. I checked out the best hamburger joints. What more do I need to know? Maybe the best cd store because there are somethings I’ve been longing for that aren’t available on iTunes or even Amazon.

I’m now accepting donations of American cash – so if anyone wants to buy me a coffee I’ll be happy to let you. Your legacy will be my gratitude 🙂



I’ve never figured out why

I prefer hairy to smooth

why what I want rarely wants me

and when it does

I wonder what the hell is going on

I can’t  deal with this

it can’t last

I’m better at longing not getting

there must be some mistake

like those lottery numbers

I never really believe will line up for me

if they did would I believe my tired eyes

well I guess I would but

I’m not holding my breath

I don’t understand how

one day he’s all smiles

and the next is at death’s door

how a slap can mean true love

why rescue is the only way to be compassionate

how money can’t buy me

but you can make an offer I might not refuse

what does he see in her

what does she see in him

why does the moon shine

when there is no one to make love under it

I don’t get why

the subway is always full when I need to sit down

why that cd skips on my favourite song

why I never got past the credits on Friends

I don’t comprehend

a media so fascinated with

droopy-eyed doped up babes

that it takes an assassination of a world leader

to get those haggard pop stars

off the front page for a few hours

when did news turn into entertainment

why is hockey a drug free for all

blood on the ice

more interesting than goals

I don’t understand weather

why one day there is ice

the next day swarms of cuddly nuzzling winds

what happened to the good old days

which actually never existed

every era has its ticklish underbelly

of people like me

who just don’t understand

who find it hard enough to decide

which designer knockoff  to wear

without feeling like I’m exploiting someone

why does the world keep on turning

when there is nothing

but diseased air to turn in

I don’t understand

but luckily I don’t have to

in order to be blissful

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