Cafe Au-Go-Go

Moving slowly but surely through ‘B’ I come next to an mp3 collection of The Blues Project –  Live at Cafe au-go-go/Projections /Live at the Town Hall/Planned Obsolescence. The first two lps include Al Kooper & a supposedly Mike Bloomfield (uncredited). The band presented an odd mix of blues, psychedelia, jazz with longish jam tracks.


fallen gems

I remember the first three as drinking music with friends of my mine who were big blues fans but who hated the jazzy bits. Flute Thing is weetntjrough & the blues stuff is good but not as pure as Paul Butterfield. Kooper was fresh from his Dylan sessions when he joined the band & left to start Blood, Sweat & Tears. I listen to these with affection.


shadow of the cat

When Project called it quits some of the members went on to form Seatrain. Their first release was called Sea Train, while the 2nd was called Seatrain. For the second they landed George Martin as producer – but they never took off, so their third Marblehead Messenger sank fast. The music is okay but nothing that calls me back. I added these a few tears ago jus tot round out the Blue Project history.


your bird has flown

To fill in the cd I added some John Hammond’s The Best Of: this guy is the real deal a fine blues guitarist, almost an archivist in the polity of his material. Also add some Oscar Brand: Bawdy Hootenanny – an lp my partner had – it reflects what else was going on at the same time as the early Blues Project in New York. Funny & slightly raunchy. Tom Waits owes Oscar Brand a debt of gratitude.


The Promised One



The music was too loud for conversation. I spoke directly into Paul’s ear. He spoke directly into mine.

‘Keeping well?’

‘Not too bad.’

We spoke in short sentences. Even while we spoke our eyes searched the crowded bar for other welcome faces. Not that we wouldn’t be satisfied with each other’s company but there might be an even better opportunity somewhere else.

‘Buy you a drink?’

‘Yeah. Coke’ll be fine. Thanks.’

A little exchange, the initial barter after the invitation of eye contact had been followed up. The investment into where things might lead next. Even if it lead nowhere this time, something could be harvested in the future. Just to been seen talking would plant its own seeds in the minds of others.

‘How’s the job.’

‘The same as any job. Pays the rent.’

‘Buys decent clothes.’

‘Ha right and gets me out of the house.’


‘Just a phrase. Apartment.’

Drinks arrive. A house would be nice. My bachelor apartment was getting to feel smaller and smaller even for the one of me. If I had more space it would easier to find someone to fill it. Then I could stop this search for someone with a space for me to fill.

‘Around here?’

‘Not too far and you.’

‘Still at the same place.’

‘Really. You must like it.’

It felt good to talk to Paul again. We’d met several months ago and each time we ran into each other more information was revealed. Small bits, just enough to keep each other talking, interested, but never enough to lead to some sort of consummation. I was no longer looking for the quick flash of flesh that lead to nothing.

I somehow suspected the same of him because he never offered that quick flesh just more hints, hooks, lures that I couldn’t resist.

A relationship was the one thing I hadn’t attained and I knew that it was the one thing I needed to complete the picture of a happy life. I had my job, success, money in the bank, a good gym body, lots of good friends but none of these really made me feel whole, complete. I knew getting the right someone to share my life with was all I needed now.

I’d been on this hunt for the last several years. A few had been drawn into my realm but for one reason or another things had never worked out. I had become discouraged till I meet Paul.

I’d run into him more frequently and gradually allowed my interest to become more direct, more obvious. I didn’t want to jump too soon, to reveal too much too soon. Now after a few months of this I felt the time was right to push for more than these sound bites grunted into each other’s ears here.

‘Want to get out of here?’

‘Your place or mine?’

‘I thought maybe that coffee shop up the street. Should be quieter.’

‘Sounds good.’

I followed him out into the night air. As I watched him walk ahead of me I hoped that this time I had found the promised one.


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June 21-26 – attending – Rosemary Aubert’s Workshop: The Novelist’s Selfie – Loyalist – Belleville

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June 27, Saturday – 7:00-  Feature: Hot Summer Nights at Hirut, Hirut Restaurant, 2050 Danforth Ave., Toronto


September 3-6 – attending – Fan Expo


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October 18, Sunday – feature: Cabaret Noir: Inner Child Sacrifice




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