‘I speak in cursive’

Buddies’ Cabaret barely held the propulsive energy of Hot Damn! A Queer Slam’s first season finale. Draped in fur, rainbow beads & sequinned shorts Cathy Petch hosted a show that allowed 8 lgbqt poets to vie for a trip to Capturing Fire in DC this June. Brock Hessel, in a rather binding sequinned dress, looked after the merch table – I’ve never consider sequins for bondage gear but that may change.


fur & rainbow beads

The slammers were winners of Hot! shows held in Toronto, Hamilton, Peterborough & other unexpectedly queer spots. Competing (not in this order) were: Vanessa McGowan, Sasha Patterson, KT Job, Mind The Gap, Barbara Eronchina, Trick, Beth Murch, Darcy Alemany

The pieces all burned with the need to express a self & command attention They were often raw, sometimes funny & always fiercely honest & challenging to gender norms, even queer norms. They covered family, love, sex, gender politics, identity and sobriety – there was even a Посыпать of Russian. благодаря.

A scattering of lines from the first round: you attack then submit, I snort lines that rhyme, the ambiguity  of our complexions, pick a pronoun that fits because ‘she’ doesn’t work, the wall of over-priced tee-shirts was the paint, you’re not disabled enough, this heart is a patchwork of scars inflicted by others, humans do not care for experience, distinguish the good bullshit from the bad bullshit, tongue tongue tongue, I have a dirty mouth I speak in cursive.


the Hot Damn trophy

After a break, feature d’bi.young took the stage as if she wanted to escape the spotlight that caged her while her words flew around  the room. Her set ran from the feminine hygiene industry ‘manufactured shame designed to keep woman in chains,’ to the war on each other: ‘the solution is not more slaughter, we need a love-elution,’ to her first kiss of another woman ‘sexuality with a hint of equality.’

Her set was mostly sung with spoken interludes. Emotional, relatable and focused her set drew us in, brought many to tears with its frankness & the appeal to open ourselves to change. She reminded me of Odetta, Nina Simone, in style & even content. Sadly, I guess, the things those icons were singing about in the 50’s 60’s –  looking for equality, an end to war – are still being sung about & searched for today.


the Hot! merch 

A scattering of lines from the second round: broken glass world, my family mistakes me for their child; no, I just slipped & fell on this vibrator, your war is not with me, after a day of being repeatedly misgendered, I had no idea it was love I fell into, the long beauty bone of her collar, this is not a rape poem – because I don’t know if he did, you’ll have a rainbow dragon roll? is that because I’m gay, just like bones she gets stronger with every break, once a month my castration bleeds.

Congratulations to season one winner Beth Murch (read her take on the night: https://bethmurch.wordpress.com/2015/05/12/hot-damn/). See you in Washington, DC.


no open stage but something I may be pulling out in DC:


one hard dick

can be worth a hundred thousand words

one firm ready randy prick

is worth it’s weight in hold me tight

so stroke me suck me all night

make me happy and sore

make me dream of more

then come back

to do it again and again


the slow and gradual

works best

too fast and its over

and when it’s over it’s over

so the longer we make things last

the more time to enjoy

the feel of foreskin

the slick of pre-come

the small groan

the first taste

the mouth full fullness

wallow in the weight of cock

heavy on tongue

aching of jaw


a sudden full stop

to embrace

snuggle and soft

boneless shapeless

sagged into each other

belly buttons at eye level

let the flesh flag

to let the building build even more

before we dive back down

to do that suck suck thing again

each wanting the other

to be the first to shoot


one good fuck

is worth years of therapy

one solid kiss

makes the morning brighter

makes the pain less

can take away

the misery of a life time

for a few hours

can put a smile

on any part of my body it wants


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