‘I’m some hole’

A sun thunder shower didn’t keep people away from the May Noir show at the Central Sunday night. The enthusiasm of capacity house wasn’t damped by the heavy rain as it stomped its approval for Lizzie Violet’s lineup for the night.


time machine?

Open stagers added more than their fair share to the night’s fun with some fine acappella singing, insightful poetry & even a healthy dash of tres gay raunch (I wonder who brought that to the stage?)

First feature Valentino Assenza open with a couple of well-detailed urban Toronto pieces, streetcars ‘echoes of rides past’  & street corner signers. His set was filled with ‘echoes,’ of the city, of his boyhood summers in Molica, of mentors. ‘the wash and posh,’ ‘business blur of buildings,’ ‘I need you to smother me some relief,’ ‘don’t follow the text book trail,’ ‘playing possum with Buddha.’


moving on

After a brief break Christina Walkinshaw (http://walkinsauce.tumblr.com) brought the house down with her comic tales of Tinder (‘a Pez dispenser for horny people’) life & being ‘happily single.’ ‘smiling at a child in Loblaw’s is as good as being a mother,’ ‘some girls are wholesome, I’m some hole.’ The story from her blog was wry & taught me, one again, how hard it is to edit while you read. A great fun set.


the noir throne

Arlene Paculan (http://www.arlenepaculan.com) closed the show with a sweet sampling of her well crafted pop songs. The great thing about a keyboard is that the musician doesn’t need ten minutes of tuneup before they can start 🙂 The songs she performed covered longing, love & survival. Catchy music and direct, emotional resonant lyrics – ‘I found that bad bad boy/ I trapped him in my broken heart,’ ‘lonely miles away from you,’ ‘I keep waking up to no one,’ ‘I’m stronger than you ever thought I could be.’ As usual she left us wanting more.

rough draft sample
rough draft sample

besides The Amazing (http://wp.me/p1RtxU-PE) I read this new piece:

Sex With Men

I have sex with men

I almost started this with

I sleep with men

opting for that gentler phrase

but the truth is

I don’t sleep with them

I can’t remember the last time

I spent the night with a man

I can’t sleep with someone beside me


I have sex with men

I like the kissing

but that isn’t a deal breaker

unless they want

to push on to more than



I almost said oral

opting for that gentler phrase

but the truth is cock sucking

plays a big part in what turns me on to more

the more mutual the sucking

the more that is possible


I said ‘more’

opting for that gentler phrase

because anal

I mean butting fucking

opting for that gentler phrase anal

is another way to distance you from what happens


I have sex with men

gay bi straight curious

single partnered married

with or without children

living alone

still living at home

as long as they are willing

I’m willing


willing up to a point that is

what I’m not into

I’m not into

I draw that line when I have to

I can say no

to what won’t get me off

I say no

because there is no gentler phrase


what works for you is fine

if you want to say ‘sleep with’

‘oral’ ‘more’

or sex suck fuck

it’s all the same to me

as long as you do it with me

because I have sex with men



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One thought on “‘I’m some hole’

  1. […] We kicked off spring perfectly with last Sunday’s (May 10th) Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir (featuring Valentino Assenza, Christina Walkingshaw and Arlene Paculan)!  To read a review, click here. https://topoet.ca/2015/05/12/im-some-hole/ […]

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