Voices of Shallow Calm

Just to assure my followers I’m not stuck in the musical past I’m doing a Friday post about some modern music, Mainly a group called The Irrepressibles. On a mp3 collection with them I also have American Horror Story season 2 soundtrack; Basement Jaxx: Junto; Lacuna: Childhood; & just for the hell of it: Tranquility: Voices of Deep Calm (I guess Voices of Shallow Calm will come later.) Oh yes & a 70 min track of Ibiza Chilled Classics. Over 8 hours of divine music.


the avocado throne

I came across the video for This Shirt & was stunned by it so became a fan of The Irrepressibles – on this MP3 collection I have Mirror Mirror, Nude, Landscapes, Shirt (remixes) – enough to hold me for awhile. If you Like Antony & the Johnsons  you’ll love this configuration of some of the same minds – stately, elegant and compelling.

This is what I call chamber pop – very controlled. Sigur Ros with English lyrics. The videos are homoerotic, the lyrics are queer positive. Strings abound as opposed to guitar & drums. One would like them to lighten up a little but if you want the fun side of these folks check out Hercules & Love Story.


flops flipped

I love the American Horror Story: Season 2: The Name Game, Dominique, title music, etc. Very Mark Snow (X-Files) like with its jittery energy – fits in sweetly with This Shirt but with a somewhat eerier vibe.

To break things up I added Basement Jaxx: Junto (Special Edition). I’m a big Jaxx fan & have most of their cps. This one continues and expands on their energetic electronica dance style. Their early stuff almost rescued electronica from its nerdy niche. The Ibiza Chilled Classics is also to change things up a bit – I wanted a Chrissie Hynde song from the early 90’s – a sort new age thing & found it here mixed with some other ‘classics’ like Stone Roses.


that’s not a California wrap

Someone on Tumblr posted a track by Childhood from Lacuna (Bonus Track Edition). I’d never heard of the ‘band’ before. Heavy reverb guitar, emo lyrics, slightly under the mix vocals: reminds me of Stone Roses – soothing but not dull.

Keeping in that mode I also added Tranquility: Voices of Deep Calm – again I was lead tot his via a posting of an interview with a man who can sing the lowest possible note one can hear, he was featured on this cd. Where? I can’t tell you. It is Russian choral music with the same elegant pacing as This Shirt.



I know you’re sore

after that gal you’d been hitting on

walked out on you after three drinks

how the last two chicks you dated

dumped you via text message

one of them still won’t return your calls

how they turn into such selfish bitches

but just because I’m a clean old queer

doesn’t mean I have any interest

in your macho macho meat

the fact that you’re straight

just ain’t my aphrodisiac

you may think I’m one of those

predatory homos you are sure

are always lurking around

hungry for any straight guy

to fall into my eager mouth

well honey you are in a dream world

the fact that I checked out our jeans

was because I was wondering where you got them

you know in this light

you are sort of cute

and kind of sweetly drunk

but I’m not drunk enough

so why don’t you find your buds

you aren’t getting anything here

‘cause if them nasty hos

you always seem to end up with

aren’t interested I’m certainly not

the fact that you’re straight

just ain’t my aphrodisiac mac


October 18, Sunday – feature: Cabaret Noir: Inner Child Sacrifice




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