The Quiet Life?

David Hockney, in a recent interview , says too many gay men are opting to be boring. He’s dismayed at the heteronormative standards married same-sex couples are pushing on the queer world as the ethically superior way of being acceptable. He feels acceptability is betrayal of something. I recently watched the HBO Normal Heart & one of the initial resistances to educating about condoms etc. was this sense to be queer was to have sex with men (makes some sense to me).


sprinkler/ski boots/chair

Hockney is a well-established artist & has little to lose by affronting the assimilationists – plus he has a new exhibit opening so what better way to generate more press for it – sounding a little cynical am I? In fact I kind of agree with Hockney as regards the move to gay conformity. Talking about HIV meds is as tedious, in the long run, as hearing all about those darling adoptive children.


nice ass

I think what strikes about this little tempest – much like the dust up between Elton John & some fashion house over ‘designer children’ – is the smug superiority each side holds for their opinions. Can’t we just get along? Let me tell you lots of heteros are equally as ‘dull’. It might be human nature not a lifestyle choice.


fear of a black toque

Then again I’m not sure what ‘dull’ means – how bored might I be with a lengthy discussion of colour technique that Hockney might find enthralling. Which is more compelling: gay guys wondering what bondage gear to wear to the black ball or sharing info on good day-care? I also have to admit that I live a fairly routine life that, to me, is far from dull but to some people the idea of sitting for two hours at a poetry reading holds no appeal – what can be more boring that poetry, right?


in going through my archive for possible pieces to take to DC, I came across this which I forgotten I’d written – one out of a series of my imagined life growing up in the circus –

I Still Dream of Wee Willie

Wee Willie

stomped the ground in his pen

agitated   bellowing

I dashed to see what was going on

my mother reached to hold me back

I eluded her easily


Wee Willie

reared on his hind legs

that was all the glimpse I got

before my mother’s shawl

covered my head

the rose pattern shawl

was the one she used

to cover her crystal ball

the future was to be veiled at all times

so she told her customers

only the hand of spirit

and $10 could move it


in that glimpse I saw

what she was afraid I’d see

not my future

but Wee Willie

pawing the air

with lumbering legs

as he teetered toward Daisy Blue

I pushed the shawl away

I had to see if they were fighting


I saw for the first time

Wee Willie


his elephant cock in gory glory

it was huge   enormous

bigger even than that of Herculo

the muscle man


Wee Willie

clambered onto the back of Daisy Blue

she was docile  big ears flickered

as she moved her head side to side

his humungous cock got bigger  harder

his weight upon her back

I fainted


I came to in our trailer

my shoulders ached

under the weight of my dreams


June 3-5 – attending – Capturing Fire – Washington DC



September 2-4 – attending – Fan Expo 2016


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