June Dogs

June Dogs

in the summer park june dogs

prowl around the wolf tree

sniff for remnants of the wild they sprang from

distant children scream in play

a coil of cars moves through the slow streets

drivers follow their own inner remnant

red light survival

eyes flicker back and forth

lips licked

wheel clutched

to make a right turn

a bass thump creeps out of radios

shakes the leaves

catches the throats of the june dogs

who carelessly glance at the beat

before rolling into another small dream of attack


in uneasy furtive tired packs

they loll through the summer park

from one bench to another

one pose to another

one post to another

pick teeth

scratch crotches

baggy pants loose and formless

wonder how far they are from food

wander deeper into a haze of dull

lusting for moments in ads

dreaming of more comfort


a voice comes on the radio

‘what’s to be done about kids with guns

shootings in malls coffee shop

they won’t be able to sustain a future’

and I think

why should they up hold standards

even adults can’t bother holding up

when what we don’t know

makes way for what we don’t care about

while they funnel instant information

from cell phones into heir heads

that leads to no gratification

caught in a powerless struggle

fitful shudders of crankiness

wasting away in summer parks


the wolf tree

shelters the june dogs

they scratch those itchless privates

and I wind up the car window

to contain my air conditioner cool

till there is a green light


maybe I’ll just park the car

and scratch with the dogs all day


This month I’m looking back to the pieces of mine that were published in the first Renaissance Conspiracy anthology in 2004. With summer rumoured to be upon us soon I’m ending may with a summer piece – one in which I can almost hear the hum of electric wires in the night.


family portrait

It was inspired when I walked through a park, passed a bunch of teens drooped around a couple of picnic tables under a tree. When I passed back on my way home a few hours later they were still there but had moved to spot under a shadier tree. I could also hear cars on the streets with that bass thump. I don’t drive even though the pov here is that of a driver stopped at a red light.


conflicting knobs

I wondered what they were thinking in the heat of the day, what the drivers where thinking. How we all had fallen into pack behaviour, roles there seemed no way to opt out of, because even opting out was a role. Restless youth have always fallen into uneasy restless furtive packs. Someone is wondering what to do to reduce them and yet nothing gets done beyond the wondering.


humiliated grey humidifier

It is as if the heat of the day was too thick for anyone to take much action anyway. The heat life where adults in power expect others to live up to deals they don’t even live up to. Language becomes yet another blanket of smothering heat that leaves people too tired to do anything, not even listen let alone question.


June 5-7 – attending – Capturing Fire – Washington DC



( I’ve registered already 🙂 )

June 21-26 – attending – Rosemary Aubert’s Workshop: The Novelist’s Selfie – Loyalist – Belleville https://www.facebook.com/events/965611026782246/

( I’ve registered already 🙂 )


register now while there is room at the table

page 23 for details next page down for registration info


June 26, Friday, 10:00 pm – feature – Pride 2015 Erotic Cabaret – Glad Day Bookstore, 598a Yonge St., Toronto


June 27, Saturday – 7:00-  Feature: Hot Summer Nights at Hirut, Hirut Restaurant, 2050 Danforth Ave., Toronto


September 3-6 – attending – Fan Expo


( I’ve registered already 🙂 )


October 18, Sunday – feature: Cabaret Noir: Inner Child Sacrifice




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