#Sex With #Men


Sex With Men

I have sex with men

I almost started this with

I sleep with men

opting for that gentler phrase

but the truth is

I don’t sleep with them

I can’t remember the last time

I spent the night with a man

I can’t sleep with someone beside me

in the same room is possible


I have sex with men

I like the kissing

but that isn’t a deal breaker

unless they want

to push on to more than


I almost said oral

opting for that gentler phrase

but the truth is cock sucking

plays a big part in what turns me on to more

the more mutual the sucking

the more that is possible


I said ‘more’

opting for that gentler phrase

because by anal

I mean butt fucking

opting for that clinical phrase ‘anal’

is another way to distance from what happens


I have sex with men

gay bi straight curious

single partnered married

with or without children

living alone

still living at home

as long as they are willing

I’m willing


willing up to a point that is

what I’m not into

I’m not into

I draw that line when I have to

I can say no

to what won’t get me off

I say no without rancour

because there is no gentler phrase

what works for you in fine

if you want to say sleep with

oral more

or sex suck fuck


it’s all the same to me

as long as you do it with me

because I have sex with men


not my bags

For June I’ll be ‘discussing’ some of the pieces that might have turned up in my Raunch and Roll set for the Pride 2015 Erotica Cabaret – some of which may also get stage time at Capturing Fire in DC. This is my way of warning that they’ll be sexual, queer, & somewhat comic.

Sex With Men is the most recent of these pieces. It started with that first line. I wanted to open with something very direct, not that I felt it was a confession of in anyway, because audiences that know me at all know I’m queer even when none of the pieces I do references sexuality in anyway. Yes, I do have pieces not about sex.


not the case in question

Its also a comment on how we self-censor ourselves. A process that I’ve worked through and talked about in other pieces. I’m now quite comfortable with being direct, I’m also comfortable with talking sex in a more sensual way – finding sweet ways to talk about the curves of the body is one of the joys of writing.

The piece also reflects some of my own personal pleasures, what I like to do – at least some of what I like to do. I don’t dwell on physical types but on acts. I do get into types a little in the ‘gay bi straight curious’ because there are guys who’ll only do single guys etc.


not so cozy corner

The non-truth of the piece is that I don’t have  sex as frequently it seems to imply. In fact if gay guys had as much sex as people think we do we wouldn’t have time to shop for tee-shirts. Because a tee-shirt can be forever, sex, if you’re lucky, lasts a couple of hours.

June 8-9 – attending – Capturing Fire – Washington DC







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